Bugaboo Bugs Me!


As soon as I became pregnant I knew I had to have a Bugaboo Cameleon. Only the best for my boy! I even contemplated getting the Missoni Limited Edition but thought that might be a bit much. The Bugaboo is a mighty fine pram, it’s good looking, sturdy and I love the interchangeable accessories and adaptable seat positions. It gives you a certain sense of pride pushing it like driving a Merc.

So when I decided to take Bub Stylista to London when he was 4 months old to meet his grandparents I was gutted that I couldn’t take the Bugaboo with me. I didn’t want to risk a new expensive pram getting damaged in transit and plus it’s so heavy I wasn’t even sure I could take it. My mum invested in a Mothercare Urbanite stroller for me and I was mortified (I know, call me shallow but this is Mama Stylista!). Everyone in Islington, London seemed to be pushing a Bugaboo and I felt like screaming I have one too!

I brought the Urbanite back with me so my husband and I could have a spare pram and boy am I glad we did! Here’s the thing with the Bugaboo, it’s just so big. I still haven’t figured out how to collapse it and I only take it out if we are going in my husband’s car as it doesn’t fit in mine. Actually we only take it out with us if my husband is there as he is the only one that can work it out. I’ve watched the video and I still can’t get my head round it. I use it locally all the time and for when I’m doing my exercise walks, which are quite rare to be honest. But as a transport pram….not as often as I’d like considering how much it cost.

I have started to like the Urbanite. Yes it’s not as good looking but it’s collapsible, it fits in my car and it’s easy to manoeuvre around. Don’t get me wrong the Bugaboo will always be my No.1 pram but when it comes to convenience and ease the Urbanite wins. I’m realising that when you have a baby sometimes ease is the winner over style! However there is one feature on the Bugaboo that I can’t live without, the front facing seat. Watching my baby gurgle, smile and become completely transfixed by the world while I push him is priceless.

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