First post, here goes!!!


I am at a loss as to how to start this blog. I signed up nearly a month ago to Blogger and have done absolutely NOTHING! Not sure where to start or what to write. I have a 6 month old son who isn’t interested in Mum pursuing a creative outlet and would be happy for me to hold him 24/7. He is asleep on me as we speak and I found an app on my IPhone to blog and post. This is great as I only have one hand spare so I thought no time like the present.

I had a lovely trip out today with a couple of mums from the local Mothers Group. We paid a visit to the  Magic Yellow Bus at Enmore Park. (I walked there and back from home which I am very pleased about, 25 mins each way! I still have a few kilos to shift post bub but never have the energy or inclination to do anything about it so this is huge for me.) Although our bubs are a bit too young to get involved in all the activities on offer they enjoyed themselves regardless. Lots of staring at each other, touching and other baby social interaction.Very cute!

My little prince wore H&M cardi, DKNY top and Gap pants. Too much?


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