Mama’s Xmas Wish List!

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I was tagged by the lovely Catherine from Cup of Tea and a Blog to create an ‘All I want for Christmas’ post a few weeks ago. This is a game that has been doing the rounds on the blogosphere. As usual I have left it until the very last minute and now it’s too late to pass this challenge onto anyone else unfortunately. They would probably hate me anyway for giving them such a request so close to Crimbo!

Anyhoo here’s my belated wish list! I’m pretty sure Santa won’t be able to deliver the goods on time but you never know! Here goes:

1. Super First Class flights to London for hub, bub and I!

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{Pic source:}

Xmas is always a funny time for me in Oz. I still can’t get used to the fact that it’s summer for one thing? I would love to surprise my family and friends over the holidays. The 24hr flight wouldn’t be so torturous in super first class would it?
2. A Chanel Bag

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Any Chanel bag will do Santa, I’m not fussy!

3. Primark Online Store

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Primark is a high street store in London that sells on trend fashion for next to nothing. Everything is so fashion forward that we locals refer to it as Primarni. Unfortunately they do not have an online store *sobs*. Santa baby could you create one just for me so I can shop there whenever I want?

4. A Holiday villa in Montserrat, Caribbean

{Pic source:}

{Pic source:}

My parents are from Montserrat and I would love to visit there whenever I want and take them with me. They emigrated to London before I was born and I know they would like to go back to their homeland more often. I also want my husband and son to see this beautiful island and meet all of their extended family. We haven’t had a chance to go there yet. With a holiday villa we could go every year!
Last but not least…

5. Olivia Palermo’s wardrobe

{Pic source:}

Seriously this girl can do no wrong on the fashion front and I want it ALL!

So there you have it Santa! You’ve got 2 days so you better get cracking…!


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