Sleep Training with Safe Sleep Space


If you are having issues with settling bub and you need help with sleep training then check out my Safe Sleep Space!

They helped me a great deal when I was having problems a few months ago. I posted about my experience here.

Sleep Training with Safe Sleep Space

Safe Sleep Space provides a “step-by-step” sleep training guide.

Safe Sleep Space Philosophy:

  • To improve the experience of sleep & settling for babies and children.
  • To empower parents with skills and knowledge to best suit their individual family, without the use of Controlled Crying, modified controlled comforting or any timed, non -response method.
  • To respect and value every family member as an individual
  • To provide families and health professionals with accurate contemporary and appropriate information on the subject of baby sleep and the challenges you face.
  • To guide and enhance baby family relationships and provide an optimal environment in which babies and children can grow and flourish
Safe Sleep Space Approach:
  • To provide support an education to enhance the awareness of baby needs; physical and emotional to reach healthy habits
  • To assist parents to better attune to their babies through knowledge and understanding and to foster instinctual behaviours that will help baby sleep.

Need more reasons to check them out? Safe Sleep Space have teamed up with Ergo Cocoon to provide the ‘Ultimate Sleep Kit’ including a DVD, White Noise CD and swaddle!..AND ….big news…Safe Sleep Space have a new App about to be released with all the tips and strategies on how to settle babies and toddlers available on iPhone, iPad and iTunes!

You can practise sleep training at home with help and support on tap.

The App is called RockaBub so keep an eye out!

Sleep Training with Safe Sleep Space




Visit their website to find out more information and you can also purchase books, DVD’s and CD’s from their online store.

Disclaimer: I did not receive any payment for this post. All opinions are my own.

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