**AND THE WINNER IS**’Made With Love’ Amber Teething Necklace Review & Giveaway!

The winner of this giveaway is Jody Jamieson and the runner up is Salwa Darwiche! All entrants win 10% off the entire range. Thanks to everyone for entering! 
I have always wondered whether amber teething necklaces work. They look so lovely on and I wanted to get one for my son but was a bit dubious. My husband wasn’t too keen on the idea either. But that was more to do with the fact that he didn’t want bub to wear a necklace. So imagine my delight when I got one in the mail! I was sent a beautiful cherry Baltic Amber teething necklace by Made With Love to review. 
The necklace is 100% authentic amber. It comes with a thread and twist plastic clasp with a heart charm attached that says, ‘Made With Love’. Very cute! It has individual knots for safety purposes so that if any breakage occurs there is less chance of it becoming a choking hazard. The beads on the necklace are not stones, they are actually made from fossilised tree resin and are lightweight and warm to touch. Baltic Amber has been used for centuries for teething and is renowned for its healing and anti-inflammatory properties, which is helpful for soothing inflamed cheeks and gums. It is also known to reduce pain, drooling and irritability associated with teething. I thought that babies need to chew on the beads to get relief but the effects actually come from the beads touching the skin. Amber Teething Necklaces are designed to bworn, not chewed and are to be removed when bub is sleepingThe safest way to wear the necklace is tucked under bub’s clothing. 
A word from Made With Love: 

‘I have personally struggled with Psriosis on my face and scalp, fed up with creams and quick fixes, I turned to trying natural remedies for my already sensitive skin. I’ve found that Semi Precious and Amber Beads have helped me settle the frequency and made the severity dramatically less. I also suffered chronic migraines which I could only medicate by strong pain perscription drugs, also these beads have eased the severity and frequency from 4 days a week to twice a month. My Children have also benefited with things such as allergies, sleep problems, asthma and headaches. My eldest had dental work done and said she felt no pain afterwards nor prior when she had 2 needles to numb the area. My sister has a sleeping necklace for her little man and also a teething necklace. She also speaks highly of these as she notices a big difference they’ve made in his behaviour, sleep patterns and general happiness. These beads do not offer a cure but they certainly help your body and your loved ones body to heal naturally and build up it’s own natural immune system. I’m a passionate advocate for what my jewellery stands for and the beneficial healing it can provide.’

Bub Stylista wearing his cherry Baltic Amber necklace

I thought bub would keep pulling at the necklace but he has no idea that it is even there. Once it’s on he just forgets about it. Now to be honest I don’t know if it actually works yet because as far as I am aware bub isn’t actively teething. He has been wearing it during the day so maybe he is teething and I don’t know about it due to the necklace? You see my dilemma 😉 It’s so hard to say at this stage although he has been rather restless at night for the last few days. Someone suggested wrapping the necklace around his foot when he sleeps and popping a sock over it to see if that helps so I might try that. I will be interested to see any developments and will let you know as soon as I do! 

In the meantime…it’s Competition Time!
I have a Baltic Amber teething necklace and bracelet set to giveaway to one lucky reader thanks to Made With Love! There is also an additional prize for the runner up of a teething bracelet and every entrant receives 10% off the entire range of teething necklaces and bracelets!
In order to win all you have to do is:
  • Leave me a comment below telling me why you think you should win          
  • Follow Made With Love on Facebook  make sure you tell them I sent you!
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*Make sure you follow ALL the rules for entry!*

Good Luck!Check out more competitions at Win Free Stuff 

Terms & Conditions

1. Entries close at midnight on Sunday 3rd February 2013
2. The winner will be picked for originality so have some fun!
3. Winner must make contact within 3 days or another winner will be chosen
4. Judge’s decision is final 
5. Prizes are not transferable, changeable or redeemable for cash
6. Total prize pool is valued at $37.00
7. Prizes will not be replaced in the event that they are stolen, lost or damaged in transit
8. I accept no responsibility for prizes sent from Made With Love
9. This competition is open to Australian residents only
10. This giveaway is not associated, sponsored, endorsed or administered by Facebook.


  • Pam says:

    I should win because looks like I’m first up to comment! Lol just kidding 😉

    I should win because I have a new baby girl and I’d LOVE try try some amber on her. I didn’t with my toddler and she did just fine teething, fortunately, and to be honest I considered amber a bit of an unnecessary expense compared to other priorites for our household budget, especially when I didn’t know if it was going to make a difference anyway. However, I’ve since heard such good things about amber and I’d love to give it a shot this time around. So I would absolutely love to win this please 🙂

  • Pam says:

    Liked both pages, following via networked blogs and shared here: https://twitter.com/TheMindfulMum/status/289212401180622848 🙂

  • Effie says:

    My baby is driving me batty,
    I’m totally stressed to the max,
    This necklace is just what I need,
    To soothe him, then I can relax!

    I follow you on FB and bloglovin, and have followed all the required steps. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • These weren’t around when my kids were little and I have to say like you I was little worried about them chewing on them – but you just shared what I didn’t know it that they aren’t meant to chew on them! Lots of my friends use them though and love them!

    Annaleis – Blogs and PR Team Member

  • Grace says:

    I’m not entering the competition but just wanted to say how I wish I knew about these necklaces when the boys were babies! I’ve only ever heard good things about them.
    What a fabulous giveaway!

  • Mary Preston says:


    I have heard how incredible the amber is for bubs teething, I wonder if they will work on the Mister with his wisdom teeth too?

    completed all the mandatory.


  • I want to win every prize possible, to make my comping membership fee pay off!!!

  • I can’t decide which baby needs this more! My poor 20 month old, welcomed all her teeth painlessly. Until this current round of molars – she is a festy, seething, enflamed, cold sorey, bleeding gums distressed mess. We have been cuddling for a week, waiting to get through this terrible time! I’m not looking forward to more molars coming through! And then there is the 5 month old, who is grazing his red raw gums on everything – the first of my children to welcome his new teeth with pain. I’d love to try this product, anything to bring relief to my babies

  • kk says:

    What a great ay to keep my godson entertained by these chewable necklaces but my neck is adorned like a a Christmas tree!

  • Kacie says:

    I would never have dreamed of entering this competition until the last 24 hours. I am onto my second baby, and he has 8 teeth – and with none of those 8 and none of my daughter’s full set have I noticed any kind of ‘teething’ problems. And then yesterday. 3 poos, a fever that has come on and off all day, and a little boy that won’t stop snuggling into my shoulder (and biting me). It is a back tooth – the first. I see now on your other comments that these molars bring pain – but I seriously had no idea until now! Isn’t it funny how you can spend 4 years thinking teething is a ‘myth’ and then voila… it hits you.. it is the worst thing in the world!


  • we should win as my niece is cutting her teeth just started and is having a lot of trouble we buy her teething rings and they melt and her sharp tooth keeps piercing them and breaking them she dislikes rusks but loves biting down on my arm and my watch and loves ice blocks so she would love to win so she can relieve her aching painful gums its horrible the poor baby i wish we could take there pain away

  • Frannie says:

    Baltic amber for my bub, brings her back to being my little cherub.

  • Frannie says:

    Some baltic amber for my bub to wear, makes her seem less like a grizzly bear and stops me from pulling out my hair!

  • Cate says:

    Dear Teething Fairy,
    Please help my child to teeth with less pain and help him (and his Mum) to get a goodnight sleep. My son has taken to chewing books, biting through his new dummies and even biting me when I am breast feeding him. The couches are feeling it, as are anyone’s body parts which he gets into contact with.
    Please replace this biting little monster with our delightful, little boy again.
    Yours hopefully,
    Mummy of Little Teething Monster
    (russellcathryn at yahoo dot com dot au)

  • This is the perfect giveaway for me! My little guy, is shall we say, aware of the world (and himself). The slightest disturbance sends him (and me) into a spin. Teething has him up all night, every night. He just cut his first molar and is about to cut his second. He had an amber necklace but it doesn’t fit him anymore.

    I would love to ease his pain and help us all get a good night’s sleep. 🙂

    Will tweet about the giveaway too @School of Mum

    Ange schoolofmum@gmail.com

  • I would love to get this not only do they sooth the teething they do so much more. Plus they look super cute on the kids. Very flash.

    I follow both you and Made with loveon fb. I followed you on bloglovin. I will share on my blog fb page as well. Salzdummyspit@gmail.com

  • ok so 4rd time lucky with this post my other 2 posts disappeared when I hit post??
    I did what was asked and shared via my facebook.
    I should win because I am new to the blog world and I have never won anything before I also have a 4 month old daughter who would benefit from the beads all while looking stylish. i look forward to reading more from your blogs

  • Mumazing! says:

    Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia!
    You knew all along that teething drives you batty, ja?
    And you always knew that fossilised pine
    Would take away the pain and help sleep divine.
    I suppose that’s what you get from ancient, folk lore.
    Some tried and tested knowledge on what amber’s good for.

  • My little bub is teething right now and he is completely miserable – stuffing his whole hands in his mouth and screaming at the top of his lungs all night long. I would love something that could give him some relief.

    I have followed all other requirements on Facebook and such.

  • Shannon Reed says:

    Cute little man in the pic! I think these necklaces are great- this amber teething necklace in particular works really well for my ten-month old

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