Dress of The Week ~ Veronika Maine!

Monochrome is set to be a massive trend for 2013 and it has been already been embraced by celebrities on the red carpet. Veronika Maine has encapsulated it perfectly in this gorgeous crepe tunic. A perfect, flattering silhouette that can be worn for any occasion. Be quick ladies, I think this is going to sell out fast!
Spliced Double Knit Dress

Spliced Double Knit Dress $215

Are you a fan of monochrome? 

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  • Izzy Leroy says:

    OMG! I had this dress until my bestie borrowed it and this article reminded me to ask for ti back :p hahha thanks @MamaStylista

    Hey, have you check out the latest Veronika Maine’s Summer collection? was reading an article about their exclusive designer Noel Skrzypczak (i’ll buy you one of her designs if pronounce her name correctly lol), but seriously, they look amazing! and you’ll be surprise where she gets her inspiration from 🙂

    Also, i’ve been asking all the fashionistas out there about the latest trend for summer, the Tankini! yeap, the word on the street says its coming back and some designers have showed their appreciation for them, what do you think? in or out?

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