FABruary! A Month of Fabulousness with Fox in Flats!


So I decided to join in with the FABruary; a style dare a day for a month of fabulousness! Andrea from Fox in Flats sets different style dares for her readers and fellow bloggers. I have seen these challenges on social media and never felt I had time to commit to one until I joined in with Amanda from Borne Naked for BAGvember (I posted about it here). I loved it so much that I decided to give this one a go. I’m really enjoying it and I’m discovering items in my wardrobe that I haven’t worn for ages; not to mention the style tips I’m picking up from other bloggers and our mutual appreciation for each other’s wardrobes! I don’t think my husband is enjoying his new role as a cameraman though. Anywho here’s my progress so far..

1. Sunglasses: Borsalino
2. Glitter: Sequin leggings from Cue
3. Checks: Burberry trench
4. Ponytail: Exercise walk in Michael Kors shades and Deus cap
6. Green: Next heels
7. Statement earrings: I don’t own any! These diamond ones are a wedding gift.
8. Noisy: Zandra Rhodes for Top Shop kaftan and Saragosa sandals
9. Killer Heels: Scorah Pattullo
Details for the challenge are below. If you want to join in or check out the pics on Instagram use the hashtag #Fabruary!
FABruary Style Dare
Would you be up for a style dare?


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