My Mother’s Day Gift!


me&zMy son gave me a Mothers Day poem and picture of his hand print. He’s 18 months old. I cried. Ok admittedly it was put together by his daycare but it was still the best present I have ever been given.

I can’t believe how quickly the time is going. He is becoming his own little man, making his own little friends. No is his word of choice, he knows what he wants to eat and when and he has his favourite shows he likes to watch.

I remember how tiny he was when he was born. Holding him for the first time. Hearing his first cry. My husband and I were in shock at what we had created together. The most precious, beautiful thing in our world. Being completely consumed by love, coupled with fear and worry. Unconditional love and devotion, fear of not doing a good job and worrying about everything!

Then there’s the sleepless nights, the tantrums, the battles to change a nappy! The healthy dinner you took ages to prepare going straight on the floor. The trips to the Dr’s, cancelled plans, lack of social life.

My son has turned our world upside down, inside out. It is without a doubt the hardest job I have ever done (although recruitment is up there) and also the most rewarding. I now have complete and utter respect for what my mum went through with me. Trust me, I was no angel!

Yes its exhausting and frustrating with a roller coaster of emotions in one day yet for me this is the best job in the world and its nice to get a little thank you every now and again.

So this Mother’s Day I am going to relax, pamper myself and let Dad do all the work because I deserve it!

Happy Mothers Day!

This is  a guest post at Parenting Australia

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