FARAGE: The Man Behind The Brand!

Every designer has a trademark, and Joe Farage’s is his exquisite tailoring. The brand burst onto the Australian fashion landscape in 1998, and since then, its name has become synonymous with the kind of effortless chic the Parisians are known for. I sat down with Farage to chat about style, sharp tailoring, and the little details that matter.
Why did you decide to collaborate with Woolmark?
Farage has had a strong relationship with Woolmark for many years. We use only the very best quality fabrics sourced from only the very best mills, and we are dedicated to using only 100% Australian Merino Wool in our production.
How would sum up your A/W 2013 collection? Is there a standout piece?
With every collection we give tailoring a modern twist. Right now the standout item in our collection is the cool blue suit.
Where do you find inspiration?
When I’m designing, I draw on a range of influences such as architecture, travel and world culture.
In your expert opinion, what makes a man stylish?
A stylish man is confident; he has an alluring charm about him. A stylish man knows tailoring. Heunderstands the importance of a well-cut suit and he isn’t led by trends.
Who is your style icon?
Cary Grant. He had elegance, dignity and authenticity.
What are three words to describe the Farage man?
Charming, confident, and very well-tailored!
Are there any items in your wardrobe that you just can’t live without?
Right now, I could not live without my Farage deconstructed wool jacket. I literally wear it day and night – it is the perfect piece for every outfit.
Are you a fan of pocket squares?
I love pocket squares! I always wear one in my jacket. With any outfit, it’s the details that make the difference.
What are the key menswear trends for autumn/winter and spring/summer?
Blue dominates the wardrobe of most men, but this season it is a particular shade of indigo blue that is striking a chord. It’s best worn either tone-on-tone or with crisp whites. The blue trend is set to continue right through to summer 2014.
What does the future hold for Farage?
Farage will continue to evolve whilst staying true to our brand and what we stand for. We will continue to build on the lifestyle element of our collection with a more relaxed approach to tailoring and a wider range of leather goods and accessories.This interview was for the June 2013 special Menswear edition of Latte Life newspaper.
I am wearing a Farage suit throughout, check out the whole range here

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