My Independent Baby Boy!


My son started daycare recently. My husband was keen, ‘it will toughen him up, he needs social skills!’ You know the things dads say. I wasn’t so sure! My son is a rambunctious, adventurous, confident and social 19 month old.  He wanted more action, other kids to play with so I complied albeit begrudgingly!

He loves daycare, he goes two days a week and I was quite surprised and a little bit annoyed at how quickly he fit in. There is no way he will sleep here I said to them. He does for 2 hours! There is no way he will sit down and eat. He does and large portions thank you very much. I would ring up in a panic, ‘Is he ok? Did he cry?’ He was fine, having a lovely day, exploring and playing.  When I went to pick him up one day he was sitting with a little friend playing with cars completely mesmerized and it took him awhile to register that it was me.

We went to the park recently with my MIL who looks after him sometimes too if I have to work. He wanted to hold her hand  and not mine, ouch that hurt! It had never happened before. I couldn’t believe how upset I was but this soon turned to happiness and pride.

My little son is growing up. He has his own mind and is confident in himself and comfortable with other people. We are in London at the moment visiting my family and it is such a joy to see him with them. Following Dad around, jumping on my brother for cuddles, going for walks with Mum.

He’s on his own little  journey in this world. He’s forging his own relationships and finding his path. I just wish it wasn’t happening so fast! 

This was a guest post at Parenting Australia 


  • Eleise Hale says:

    Aww it is always sad when they start to grow up and become independant, but also a beautiful thing to watch. Glad he loves day care!

  • Miss Cinders says:

    Little people are amazing to watch grow up, they surprise us every step of the way 🙂

    Happy iBOT!

    MC x

  • It’s always such an amazing thing watching our little ones grow up achieve their milestones – all the changes they go through right before our very eyes!!! Some days I wish they always stay little and cute!

  • It is always so amazing watching our little ones grow up, achieve all their milestones right before our very eyes!!! Some days I wish they always stay little and sooo cute!!!

  • Me says:

    It is hard when they start to grow up but it is also great to know that they are becoming their own little person and exploring the process of growing up. I totally understand how holding MIL’s hand instead of yours would hurt you but can you imagine how it made her feel and you would probably spend heaps more time with him when he can hold you hand. I never used to think like this but I have slowly realised that it isn’t always about what I want, but about what they want as well.
    Have the best week !

  • Its hard when they start to assert themselves and want to do things their own way. So nice that he has settled in daycare. My boy started at the beginning of the year and still struggles with the separation.

  • It’s so bitter sweet isn’t it? You want them to grow up, but also to stay little as well.

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