Michal Negrin Sydney Store Launch

Michal Negrin Sydney Store Launch

Another amazing store has opened in Double Bay! (Check out the other recent additions here and here) The Michal Negrin Sydney boutique launched this week and I was lucky enough to be invited as a VIP guest!

The event organized by RAW Fashion was a feast for the eyes. Guests walked into a sea of chic and glamour and were immediately transported back into the 1920s.

Michal Negrin’s romantic vintage designs were showcased on models and VIP’s including myself.

Michal Negrin Sydney Store Launch

photo (1)

JWP_5440With Deni Hines & Jennifer Austin

negrin11With Jennifer Austin

negrin4Owners Sally Zhangyan and Dena Duan

negrin5With Shiralee Coleman, Olimpia Zajac and Jenny Austin

Michal Negrin has been creating a unique lifestyle for over two decades with vintage-inspired designs that include jewelry, fashion, home décor, and accessories. Entrepreneurs from around the world became interested in the Michal Negrin brand and started opening concept stores worldwide: Japan, USA, Israel, South Africa, Mexico to name a few and now Sydney Australia

negrin6VIP guest Deni Hines with the owners

negrin8Model installation

negrin9Shiralee Coleman wearing Michal Negrin

Michal Negrin’s designs are mindblowing! Rhinestones and diamonds lay on every corner. Each magical item is fit for a queen.

The beauty and craftsmanship is so exquisite that once you get the opportunity to wear one of the pieces you will fall in love.

negrin1Deni Hines wearing Michal Negrin

The store itself is set in the prime location of Double Bay, fitting in nicely with its surroundings and people.

The décor of the 1920s wallpaper and the dripping chandeliers add that extra sense of being part of another world,  a world that you will want to take home with you. I took my son to the store and he didn’t want to leave!

negrin7The official opening

A big congratulations to Sally Zhangyan and Dena Duan for bringing Michal Negrin to Sydney and for their vision that allows us to experience this beautiful world. It was a truly successful night!

Michal Negrin is a breath of fresh air and an inspiring addition to the Australian fashion industry.

For more info on Michal Negrin visit their website here.

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