5 Quick Workouts for Mums and Exercise Tips

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I had my son nearly two years ago and I have only recently started to get back into excercise. It is so hard to get motivated after having a baby, there is always something more important to do and you just don’t have the time or energy! The Zone at Fitness First is great for mums because each session takes 15-45 mins! Pefrect for when you only have 30min to squeeze in  a workout before picking up the kids!

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You get to train with a qualified trainer in a small group limited to between 8 and 12 people which provides a quality experience. I’m not very good in the gym so it helps to have a fitness trainer advising me and other people in the group motivating me. There are 6 training zones of different intensity levels to offer variety, challenge and cater for every fitness goal and fitness level.  The Zone is geared for people on the go who want maximum results in minimum time! I think that covers mums everywhere!

Fitness First

If you can’t get to a gym there are workouts you can do at home or outdoors.  Rob Hale, Head of Fitness at Fitness First has put together 5 quick workouts for mums (assuming at least 6 weeks post pregnancy, no complications) and tips for exercising post-pregnancy:

5 Quick Workouts for Mums

Fitness First

#1. 20 minute Walk/Jog/Run.

Start to increase your intensity by including 30 second bursts of higher intensity followed by 2 minutes at a lower intensity to gradually improve your fitness levels. Progress until you can do 1 minute high intensity, followed by 1 minute low intensity

 #2. Half Squats with Rotation.

Squat until your upper leg is just above parallel to the ground and take both arms towards your left ankle. Stand up while swinging both arms above your head to the right. Repeat on the other side. (3 Sets, 10 Repetitions each side)

#3. Bench Push Ups

Place your arms on a stable bench and perform incline push ups (3 Sets, 10 Repetitions)

#4. Lateral Shift and Tilt

Take a ViPR, foam roller or broomstick and place it vertically on the ground in front of you. Hold the top with your left hand and shuffle to the right lowering the equipment towards the ground until it is almost horizontal, shuffle back to the middle, hold the top with your right hand and shuffle to the left lowering the equipment to the ground. (3 Sets 10 each side)

#5. Pilates 100’s

Lie on your back with your knees at 90 degrees and your feet raised parallel to the ground and your arms up toward the sky, lift your shoulders off the ground by squeezing your abs,  look at your knees and bringing your arms in line with your body, breathe in and out every second for 10 seconds, Relax your shoulders and raise your arms again. (Repeat 10 times)

*you should always consult an exercise professional before starting an a physical activity plan to ensure the exercises are appropriate for you


  • In pregnancy balance and coordination are affected due to the change in centre of gravity so start simple and gradually add more complex movements as you recover from the birth
  • Use a mix of non-weight bearing (e.g. swimming or stationary cycling) and weight bearing (e.g. walking/jogging or resistance training) exercise to improve strength and endurance
  • If you have had a recent birth your joints may still be ‘hyper-mobile’ so ensure your flexibility training is controlled and moderate so you don’t over extend yourself
  • It is critical to keep well hydrated ensure you can perform at your highest level and to assist with fat metabolism to get back to your ‘pre-baby body’

I hope these workouts and tips are helpful to you. Thanks to Fitness First for the info! For more information about The Zone visit here.

Did you find it hard to get back into excercise after having a baby?



  • Sonia says:

    Love the sound of The Zone – perfect for those of us trying to do the right thing of our health by squeezing in 30 minutes of exercise each day. I’m definitely not a runner, so I do intervals on the treadmill and my oh my – those Pilates 100s are a killer!

    • mamastylista says:

      I’m with you Sonia, I hate running. I’m also not keen on the gym but The Zone suits me perfectly. You can always fit in 30mins. I have to try Pilates, it looks hard though? x

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