Back to School Shoe Fitting Tips

School Shoe Fitting Tips from Betts Kids

Guest post from Betts Kids

Back to School – Shoe Fitting Tips

Facts and tips on how to choose the right shoe for school by Graeme Wheaton, Product Developer at Betts Kids.

Kids can spend as many as 1600 hours in school per year so choosing the right shoes for children is important for their comfort as well as the growth and development of their feet.

School Shoe Fitting Tips - Betts Kids

For preschoolers make sure that you invest in soft flexible shoes that offer good support and stability. A high degree of adjustability to give a snug fit on different is also ideal.

For school kids the same principal of good fit, comfort, support and breathability remain paramount. School shoes also need to be tough! School age children will spend more time in their school shoes than any other shoe they might own. Simply it is the most important shoe in the wardrobe, and must be able to withstand very considerable wear and tear. Look for shoes that are made of good quality, substantial leather, ideally with leather lining and insole and strong outsoles.

School Shoe Fitting Tips Betts KIds

Leather is the best material for uppers and linings, as it will allow the foot to breathe and is substantial enough to offer great protection and support where it’s needed.

Having shoes fitted correctly is essential because if a shoe is too small it can cause damage to the not fully formed bones of the foot.

Shoes that are too large are also a problem as this will make walking difficult, and may lead to unnecessary falls. Footwear that is too large will allow the foot to move inside the shoe and this can cause rubbing and blistering of the feet particularly the heels.

I hope these school shoe fitting tips were helpful! Thanks Betts Kids!

The Betts Kids brand was established with the ethos of being a specialist children’s footwear retailer that provides the very best care for children’s feet.

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Are your kids excited about going to back to school…or are you? 😉

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