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New year, new me! I’ve entered 2014 motivated and I’m already kicking my exercise goals! I’m joining in with the Operation Move Walk 400 challenge.  The commitment is to walk 400 minutes over the course of the month and I’ve walked 152 minutes so far! I’m really enjoying it and I’m determined to keep going. Exercise is the best way to beat those January blues!

Of course I need the right activewear, I want to look and feel good while I’m exercising! I love the Female for Life range.  It’s stylish, flattering and extremely comfortable. I chose the Smart Sports Jacket and Triple Sports Pants for my walks. The pants don’t ride, the fit is perfect and the quality is fantastic!


Female for Life caters for your body, not your size with styles that are sexy and sassy and come all the way from Brazil where the curve is embraced and revered! They have a great range of sports wear, lounge wear and maternity sportswear.  There is even a body shape calculator to find your Female For Life body shape and size: petite, sexy, curvy, voluptuous or bella!

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1. Mum to be Pants $79.99 | 2. Prenatal Yoga Top $76.99 | 3. Sexy Bra $58.99 | 4. Yoga Body Suit $127.99 | 5. Tripe Sports Pants $92.99 | 6. Smart Sports Jacket $145.99

Owner Melanie Becker started Female For Life because, she wasn’t finding any activewear in the shops that fitted nicely, stayed up when she exercised and made her feel and look good.

“It all began after I  had been working crazy hours in the office and my body finally decided it needed time out and chronic neck pain made going to gym or doing any exercise a thing of the past. So the weight packed on and my confidence plummeted and when I finally began to heal I found myself confronted with needing to buy activewear that could fit the curvier me. The skinny girls in the photos haunted me as the penny dropped and I realised that at a size 14-16 I wasn’t catered for. Nothing fitted. I was heartbroken.

But I have a fair bit of fight in me so I decided if nobody else out there was going to cater for me, well … I WAS GOING TO CATER FOR ME !!!”

Melanie has done just that! A great range that caters for all body shapes and all forms of exercise. The products are handmade and high quality with great attention to detail. Female For Life make sexy, feminine and affordable sportswear for all women worldwide!

So if you want long-lasting activewear that makes you feel good when you workout, check out the Female for Life range here .

Do you have any New Year exercise goals? What do you think of the FFL range?

Need some quick workouts and exercise tips to kickstart you New Year?  Click here.



  • Love the two pieces you chose, Dee. I’m going to have to check out the rest of the range! My fitness goals this year are to make the most of my gym membership – get there 3 or 4 times per week, lose the fear (I feel like a deer in the headlights in the gym) and enjoy it – because exercise is doing nothing but good things for my body, mind and soul!

    • mamastylista says:

      Great goals hun! I have a gym membership too and I’m trying to push myself to go regularly. I always do a class otherwise I’m wandering around aimlessly. You’re right, only good things come from exercise! x

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