What I Wore on NY Eve – Shail K Sequin Dress


Shail K sequin dress - What I Wore NY Eve

A special night calls for a special dress! On these occassions I always visit Hollie de Keyser.  The Hollie De Keyser store is one of London’s most iconic and popular boutiques and is based in the exclusive area of Knightsbridge.

Hollie opened a store in Double Bay last year, much to the delight of the residents! We became friends and I was lucky enough to model some of her amazing dresses (check out the pics here).

The items Hollie picks out for her boutiques are always so beautiful and glamorous with such exquisite detailing. I fell in love with this Shail K sequin dress on the spot. Perfect for New Year’s Eve! The husband absolutely loved it too which is always a bonus!

I  made it onto Styling You’ s Everyday style – New Year’s Eve Edition so I know I picked a winner.

What did you wear?


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