How to dress an apple shape

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The most important thing to know when buying clothes is what suits your body shape. Over the next few weeks I will be analysing different body shapes and giving tips on what items suit you best. In this first post I talk about the apple shape.

Famous Apples

Apple figures tend to have a rounded stomach, broad shoulders and a less defined waist.  Apples also possess slim hips, lovely legs and can either have a small or ample bust. If you gain weight fat stores around your upper half especially the mid-section.

So your goals are to accentuate slim arms and decolletage. This will bring some shape to the waist and balance the torso.  Accentuating slim legs will bring balance to your frame by creating a flow from your top half to your bottom half.

Styles for Apple Body Shape

how to dress an apple shape

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how to dress an apple shape

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how to dress an apple shape

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how to dress an apple shape

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how to dress an apple shape

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how to dress an apple shape

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how to dress an apple shape

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Style tips on how to dress an apple shape body type:

  • Get a properly measured bra and make sure you have adequate support if you have an ample bust
  • Experiment with colours and prints. This will add dimension and flair to your outfits.
  • V-Neck dresses are great for ample busts
  • Choose empire line tops and dresses if you have a small bust
  • Go for tops with ruching or wrap tops
  • Wear open or v-neck tops
  • Wrap dresses are great as they accentuate the bust and the side tie draws attention from the waist
  • Avoid halternecks
  • Avoid fitted or clingy silhouettes
  • Avoid double breasted jackets
  • A dress with a drop waist is flattering for apples
  • Look for dress styles that sculpt the waist
  • An A line dress is very flattering as the full skirt will give the illusion of a smaller waist
  • Choose flat fronted trousers or skirts
  • Boot cut or flared trousers will balance out your body
  • DO go for a fitted coat or jacket. For example a trench coat or blazer
  • Don’t wear bulky tops and chunky knits
  • Wear kitten heels if you have small calves. They are easier on your feet and you can wear them all day.
  • A chunky shoe like a wedge heel can balance out your top half

Remember you want to draw attention to areas of your body you really like, legs, arms, cleavage. When  you focus on your positive points you can look lighter and more shapely.

I hope these style tips helped you if you’re an apple-shaped body type.

Stay tuned for my next post on the pear body shape.

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  • I feel like I have a fairly unique body shape, broad shoulders, large chest, but I do carry a little weight on my tum too. Therefore lots of these tips apply to me – I never wear chunky knits or high necks. Although I have slim calves, I avoid kitten heels as I feel they don’t balance me out as well as a chunkier boot or wedge.

    Great advice, looking forward to the rest of the series.

  • Ooh, maybe I’m an apple? But I don’t think I’ve got particularly broad shoulders? I think I might just be Kimba shaped! Love the fluffy trench! x

  • Maybe I’m not an apple after all because I’m not sure that I agree with these tips! Halter necks and pencil skirts look great on me, while A line skirts look dowdy and bootcut flared jeans just make me look big all over instead of accentuating my shapely legs – skinny pants are much better. Although, the rest of your tips here are spot on …

  • Julia says:

    Some of your tips are spot-on but I find anything that is belted in the middle, like a trench coat, is terrible looking. I also feel your celebrities aren’t really apple shapes. I know it’s hard to find a real apple-shaped woman to feature so if you’d like to pop over to my blog at you can see how a real apple-shaped, over 40 woman looks stylish!


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