How to Wear Animal Print

How to wear animal print

The animal print never seems to go out of style. While the context can change, from 80’s rockers to 90’s fashionistas to 21st century foxes to Jersey Shore copycats — the print itself remains the same.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by some animal print patterns but this motif can be chic and classy too. Leopard, tiger, zebra and snakeskin prints keep showing up on runways around the globe.

How to wear animal print

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How to Wear Animal Print

Are you finally ready to “get wild” and bring some animal prints into your wardrobe?

If so, keep these style tips in mind:

One at a Time

The Golden Rule of dressing in animal print is to stick with one animal at a time; trying to blend more than one pattern in a single outfit is very challenging and often looks ridiculous. If you’re wearing leopard on Friday, save the tiger for next week.

Don’t Get too “Matchy”

When it comes to animal prints, “matching” style elements tends not to work. For best results, make just one part of your outfit “wild” — ideally, either the top or the bottom. And if you’re wearing a leopard print dress, make sure your shoes, tights and accessories are solid colored and simple. The Glue Store has a great range of flattering animal print dresses to build your outfit.

Tone it Down

If you think your outfit is a bit TOO wild, take some fashion steps to tone it down. An animal print skirt can be toned down with a single-color blazer or cardigan that complements the wild print, but also keeps it in check. Zebra print leggings or skinny pants can be toned down with knee-length dark boots.

Find Balance

If you must include more than one animal print element in your outfit, opt for those that play a supporting role. For example, a matching leopard or snakeskin scarf, boots and small purse can look great if the rest of the outfit is subtle. Just make sure all the accessories match pretty closely.

Here are 10 of my fave picks from Glue Store

how to wear animal print

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One final tip: When in doubt, opt for just a single item of animal print in your outfit as a compelling style accent.

Are you a fan of animal print?


  • Am I a fan of animal print? Is the Pope a Catholic?! I’m a huge leopard lover and consider it to be a neutral, as it works with just about anything. My golden rule is definitely only one piece of animal print at a time, that way it’s a feature of your outfit.

  • I love a bit of leopard print, and I’m currently on the hunt for a pair of classic heels in this print to wear in the winter. I’m not overly keen on the coloured versions, and prefer the classic black and tan. I”m strangely drawn to the leopard print cap!

    • mamastylista says:

      I picked up a great pair of leopard heels in Seed. Wittner and Mollini have some too I think? How hot is that cap? x

  • Norlin Mustapha says:

    I don’t mind a little bit of leopard print. I’ve got a cape style jacket in leopard print that goes well with a lot of neutral pieces that I’ve got. Can’t wait to wear it again once the weather gets colder.

  • Jessica J. says:

    I’ve only just begun to try out the leopard prints …. little by little (with purses, scarves, etc..). But, I have to say some of these dresses are really elegant!

    • mamastylista says:

      Love a bit of leopard. Yes if you’re new to the look start off with a few key accessories. You’ll soon become obsessed! x

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