Shoe of the Week: Mollini Lions Leopard Pump

mollini lions leopard pump


I saw these gorgeous Louboutin leopard pumps in Vogue UK recently  and it was instant shoe love. Much as I’m dying to shoe splurge I can’t justify it these days. Pre-bub I wouldn’t have batted an eye at buying Loubs but now it’s a different story! Also they are sold out so I couldn’t even be tempted. I checked.

mollini lions leopard pump

Mollini Lions Leopard Pump

Luckily my friend Kristina from Anizoe told me about the Mollini Lions Leopard Pump. At $159.95 they are a fraction of the price but aside from the red heel you wouldn’t really know the difference. Leopard heels go with everything! So if you haven’t got  a pair in your closet I suggest you make an investment. Stat.


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