Style Fix: What to Wear on a Date

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I recently met with a client who wanted to brighten up her wardrobe and step out of her comfort zone. She wanted something flirty and fun to wear on a date but within her budget. I took her to Portmans and Forever New who both have a great range of gorgeous, on trend styles at affordable prices.

What to wear on a date- style fix

Portmans Snakes Alive Dress Was $119.95 Now $69.95 | Portmans Leopard Print Dress – sold out | Portmans Emily Sweetheart Jumpsuit $119.95 | Forever New Allie Lace Dress $139.99 | Zara shoes – sold out

What to wear on a date

Tips to remember:

  • For a date you want to be comfortable! If you don’t feel confident in what you’re wearing it will show! Choose something that fits you well and you feel good in. The more comfortable you are the better night you will have.
  • Choose something bright and/or colourful that will stick in his mind. Make sure you choose the right colour for your complexion.
  • Don’t overdo it! Less is more especially on a date so no drag queen make up and nothing trashy. Hot pants and mini skirts are out and no boobs on display, leave something for his imagination. Choose something in between sexy and demure, a hint of decolletage is fine! You don’t want to look too high-maintenance and intimidating either so go for something cute, flirty and fun.
  • Make sure your shoes are comfortable otherwise your night will be ruined. Your sore feet will be all you’re thinking about and you won’t be listening to a word he says. So if you’re going to buy new shoes make sure you break them in first.
  • Last but not least, be yourself! There’s nothing more attractive than that!

FYI my client ended up wearing the Portmans Snakes Alive Dress on her date and he loved it! I think she looks amazing in it don’t you?

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