How to achieve celebrity maternity style

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It seems like celebs are always one step ahead when it comes to sartorial choices and although you’d think pregnancy would be a hindrance to their style, it’s often the opposite that is the case! Unfortunately, not everyone can afford a personal stylist to help them navigate maternity fashion so we’ve put together a few tips and tricks to help you achieve that effortless maternity-chic that celebrities have owned time and time again.

Celebrity Maternity Style from Maternity Sale

Start with good support

Any celebrity will tell you that you can only look as good as you feel, so starting with some great underwear is a no-brainer. Soft, breathable fabrics that provide support and flatter your figure are the way to go; just don’t forget to always make sure you’re wearing the correct sizes as your body gradually changes. You shouldn’t be afraid to throw a little sex appeal in there either! No one has to know that you’re wearing a matching set of lacy underwear but it will make you feel amazing no matter what you’re wearing over the top!

Celebrity Maternity Style from Maternity Sale

Stay true to you

Have you ever noticed how relaxed pregnant celebrities look, even when they’re dressed to impress? The reason they look as cool as a cucumber is because they tend to stick to what they know and love, eliminating all feelings of discomfort and self-consciousness – and you should do the same! Just because you’re body is changing, that doesn’t mean you have to deviate from what you’re normally most comfortable and confident in. Regardless of whether you want to show off your belly in a fitted number or keep it discreet in something more flowy, remember to stick to what makes you feel the most ‘you’.

Celebrity Maternity Style from Maternity Sale

Dress for your shape

Some people don’t subscribe to dressing for your shape, but you’ll never hear a celebrity say they don’t believe in the power of working with what you’ve got! Despite the fact that your belly is huge, that doesn’t necessarily mean that your body will be the same shape as every other pregnant woman. Take your time to do some research on the best styles for your body shape and try on a variety of maternity styles to see what works for you.

Celebrity Maternity Style from Maternity Sale

Invest in some quality basics

One of the worst fashion decisions a pregnant woman can make is buying standard clothing in larger sizes to accommodate for her belly. The trouble with doing this is that nothing will ever fit quite right and your outfits will end up looking sloppy. Investing in some good quality basic maternity wear will allow you to feel comfortable and look great while supplementing your already existing wardrobe. Check out to see some celebrity must-haves including good quality leggings, comfortable jeans, pencil skirts and wrap dresses – all with an adjustable waist of course!

Work the blazer

A classic blazer is the quintessential piece for effortless celebrity maternity style. Whether it’s white linen, black silk or a cotton pop colour, a blazer will freshen up any outfit and make your look instantly more polished. Blazers look great with jeans and a t-shirt, over floaty dresses, paired with a boho maxi or worn with an evening dress. Even better, you can probably use one that you’ve already got in your wardrobe as the open style won’t get in the way of your growing belly!

Whatever you wear, being comfortable and feeling good is the most important thing. Once you’ve got that covered, you’ll be looking as stylish as the celebs in no time!

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