GHD IV Lavender Styler Review


GHD IV Lavender Styler Review

 ghd IV Lavender Styler Review

I am a ghd-aholic! Ever since I started straightening my hair years ago a ghd has been my best friend. I used to have dreadlocks, short hair, shaved head. You name it I had it! These days I just like to keep it simple and sleek. I have tried lots of different straightener brands including cheaper ones and the ghd wins every time. I have a ghd Gold Max Styler which has large plates that are great for my thick curly hair!

I always update my straighteners (I told you I’m obsessed) and I was so happy to be given a pair of ghd IV Lavender stylers from the Limited Edition pastel collection to review. For a start purple is my favourite colour but you can also choose from  Periwinkle and Jade. Such fashion forward colours!

The ghd IV comes with all the usual high-quality features you would expect including my fave ‘the sleep mode’. I am rubbish at switching off my straighteners and also irons. My husband got me an auto shut-off iron, not very romantic I know but very handy! Sleep mode means one less thing to worry about.

I really wanted these straighteners for the front of my hair and fringe to create those small waves and flicks. It’s so easy and quick to do with the ghd IV’s. It literally takes seconds. I would say though that I just use these for the front of my hair and the short afro-ey bits on the sides. For the rest of my head I’ll stick with the ghd Gold Max because of the large plates. They straighten my hair in a shorter time.

I tend to straighten my hair every day and I use the ghd Heat Protection spray. It smells gorgeous and leaves my hair smooth and shiny with no flyaways! If you check any of my What I Wore pics you’ll see what I mean!

So there we have it ladies. I’m sure you all know how good ghd’s are and I personally think they are worth the investment.

GHD IV Lavender Styler Review

Check out the whole range here.

Do you use straighteners? What’s your favourite brand?


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