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The weather is getting cooler and it’s time to wrap up your  little ones warm and cosy at night. This is a nightmare for me though, my son is 2.5 years old and he always kicks off his covers but he feels too restricted in a sleeping bag. I’m constantly going into his room to make sure he is covered up properly. Enter the Penguin Bag Company!


Unlike conventional sleeping bags, the Penguin Bags keep the little ones’ feet free to stand in the cot or even to walk safely by themselves.  Fantastic for little kickers like Bub Stylista who hate baby bags!


They come in gorgeous designs, you can choose from an Astronaut, Bumble Bee, Knight, Penguin, Pirate, Princess or a Queen. Who knew sleep-time could be such fun! I chose the Pirate for Bub Stylista, he is obsessed with Jake and the Neverland Pirates and he was so happy to wear it at bedtime as you can see from the pic below!


There is a long zip at the front of the sleeping bag so children can go to the toilet by themselves. The zip also slides between the legs and along the lower part of the back for easy access if you need to do a nappy change.


You can buy matching booties too! There is no elastic rib at the top so bub’s feet stay warm at night with no nasty sock marks. The design allows  little ones  to walk comfortably, they stay on during the night and they are anti-slippery!  They even match the sleeping bags. See the Penguin Bag Company have thought of everything!

Ziggy Pirate 2

Bub Stylista is a very happy customer!

Penguin Bags are ideal for keeping walking toddlers and young children warm at night time. Such a genius creation now hopefully I can get some sleep!

Prices range from $67.97 –  $82.86 for sleeping bags. Booties are $ 21.92

Penguin Bags are available in two different TOGs: TOG 1 (for warmer rooms)  and TOG 2.5 (for colder rooms, with filling). All items are made from 100%cotton fabric. 

Shop the whole range here.



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