They All Hate Us Interview at MBFWA 2014

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They All Hate Us Interview at MBFWA 2014

Here I am with the insanely glamorous (and tall) super fashion bloggers Elle Ferguson & Tash Sefton aka They All Hate Us at Sydney Fashion Week 2014. Such sweethearts, they are so gorgeous and friendly. Ever the professionals, they were very happy to be interviewed ad-lib in the middle of Fashion Week by me. Thank you so much ladies!

They All Hate Us Interview at MBFWA 2014

About They All hate Us

‘They All Hate Us’ was born from a shared love of all things fashion, lifestyle and inspirations between two best friends – Tash Sefton and Elle Ferguson. What started as a daily ‘afternoon delight’ of images over email to each other to bring a smile to their faces and help get them through the day, soon spiraled into the international blog it is today. Gone are the days when Elle and Tash would crash their work server with albums of their favourite quotes, must have fashion items and aspirations, instead these personal musings are shared for us all to enjoy.

“We just wanted an outlet to share our passions and aspirations between each other and the blog has snowballed from that. Our posts are never pre-planned and are always just a burst of our organic thoughts, there to make you feel good and cheer you up on a bad day! We love that our readers trust us and come to us for advice and help, we make sure every email gets a reply!”

Check out their fabulous blog here.

Want more? Watch my interview with Sydney Fashion Blogger here.

A special thanks to Jerome Lafforgue Media Services for videography.


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