How Blogging Led to My Dream Job

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How Blogging Led Me Back to My Dream JobOn the set of my styling video

How Blogging Led to My Dream Job

I have always loved fashion, every aspect of it. I studied at the London College of Fashion and have worked in the industry for over 10 years in various capacities including a model, stylist and buyer. I never thought I would end up in sales?? Well that’s exactly what happened when I came to live in Australia.

Recruitment was on the list for sponsorship and I desperately wanted to live here so I started a new career and hated it. I lost my way for a while there. My love for Australia clouded my judgement and I was really unhappy. I reached the point of wondering was it all worth it and I was considering going back to London when I met my husband. He encouraged me to quit recruitment. I worked in different industries for awhile, real estate and media sales but it wasn’t me.

How blogging led to my dream job!

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After the birth of my son I realised that I wanted to do something that made me happy. Something that would give me freedom so I could spend as much time with my son as possible. I knew I couldn’t go back to working in an office and I was lucky enough to have a husband who supported my choice. A friend of mine suggested blogging. I’d never heard of it? I wasn’t on Facebook and had no concept of social media. After doing some research I thought why not? I never thought anyone would read it!

Being a stay at home mum can be very isolating, blogging and social media gave me an outlet. I’d always loved to write and blogging unearthed my creative flow and my passion for fashion again. Before I knew it I was addicted! Things moved quite quickly after that. I got the hang of social media, started making connections. I used my experience in sales to sell myself – if you know what mean!

How Blogging Led to My Dream Job

A paid job as a Fashion Editor for Latte Life, an Eastern Suburbs newspaper followed. I had no experience but they were patient and I picked it up quickly. I had my own monthly column and I also worked as a Fashion Editor for a website called Leaders in Heels to gain experience. I had lots of queries from readers about styling and I had a light-bulb moment.  Why not get back into styling and presenting, start my own business, work my own hours.

So that’s where I am now!  I have clients and my database is growing. I love being my own boss most of all. I can choose what works for me and still spend time with my son. That’s my dream job! It’s great to be back doing something I love and I also consider blogging as my job now too!

Having a baby completely changed my mindset, I just wasn’t the same anymore. I didn’t want the stress of a sales environment. I had to do what felt right for me, what made me happy. My family also benefit from my inner fulfilment. Blogging was the best thing I ever did. It awakened something in me that had been dead for years. Passion for my job.

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Do you blog? How has it changed your life?


  • Dee, I am literally grappling with a career-based decision today as we speak. I clicked onto your blog, saw today’s headline and DING! The lightbulb came on. You’ve just helped me make my decision. So THANK YOU! x
    PS: I love your blog, your sense of style and would love to go shopping with you one day! x

    • Wow thank you Sonia! Glad I could help. Isn’t it funny how these things happen? You get the answer you need at just the right time. Can’t wait to hear all about it! A shopping date is definitely on the cards. Thank you so much for your support btw. xx

  • Wow what a career you’ve had! Your blogging journey is truly inspirational – thank you for sharing it xo

  • Mica says:

    It’s wonderful the doors that blogging has opened for you! It’s great that you are exactly where you want to be 🙂

  • MinsMash says:

    It is so awesome that you have found what you love to do and can work it around being a mum! Being happy makes us much nicer people I think. I started a blog and it opened my eyes to my love of photography. I am now chasing a dream and hoping I will land in my dream job also. BTW – congratulations, I believe bubba no 2 is on the way for you 🙂 x

  • Congratulations on finding your niche and a successful career. I am envious and I dream to find my career through my blogging of helping to style others. We are bith living in Sydney and I would love to grab a coffee and a little advice/expertise from you in the very near future. V x

  • My blog got me my job too. It’s the perfect job for me at the moment and has far outgrown my blog, but I keep my own as a teeny piece of something I enjoy doing.

  • Angela East says:

    So awesome to read this! I would love to fall into that perfect job from blogging or making connections online. It hasn’t happened for me yet but I’m enjoying the process.

  • Denise Mooney says:

    Congratulations that is such an awesome story! Blogging really can open a lot of doors. Visiting for the first time from team #FYBF. Lovely to find you x

  • Tat says:

    Oh fantastic! Congratulations! Having a baby definitely changes our mindset, what is important to us and what we will no longer put up with.

  • The Plumbette says:

    Love this post. Good on you and I wish you every success lovely. Keep following your heart!

  • Great post Dee! The love of what what you do, really shows on your blog. Babies are the most amazing life changers and really do put everything in perspective, don’t they?! x

  • Susan Molloy says:

    Very inspiring story Dee! You really are talented and I love your style. Great to read how you have established your successful career. x

  • How inspirational! I’ve only just started my little tiny blog and the same as you don’t think many will read it but it is giving me an outlet that’s my own where no one can disturb, mess it up or demand from it. It’s my little relaxation place to share whatever it is that I want to share with anyone who is interested in reading. I don’t know where it will go and I haven’t got high hopes as far as a business as yet as I am trying to find my blogging voice. But this gives me hope and makes me sit and think of where I would like to take it eventually. What a great story and thank you for sharing it. I look forward to following your blog 🙂 Maria. x

  • Kelly Exeter says:

    I love hearing stories like this. I always find it so interesting the path we all take to our ‘dream jobs’. No one gets there in a straight line!

  • Caitlin @ Chasing Cait says:

    What a great story! Blogging is so much fun and like you, lead to me working full time as a style coach now! How lucky are we to get paid to play dress ups all day long 😉 Keep up the good work xx

  • Long Live Blogging! Congratulations hun – I love seeing people ind their calling like you have xx

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