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As if you needed another reason to shop!! Alphatise has just launched a brand new shopping app! Alphatise is a new, exciting social commerce marketplace that  will bring a whole new approach to the way you buy and sell.

Have you ever wanted to buy something and the price was much more than you thought the item was worth? Happens all the time, right?

Well unlike other online marketplaces where people can buy and sell goods, on Alphatise, the buyer has the opportunity to tell the seller the product they want to buy and the price they are prepared to pay for it. If the seller agrees, and the deal is offered, the sale can be made. Simples!

Alphatise puts you in the driver’s seat and gives you the chance to have a say in what you pay!


How it works:

Shoppers can use either the FREE mobile App and/or Alphatise’s web platform via a browser to make ‘wishes’ for products they want or stores they want to visit. When a seller creates an offer to meet a certain demand then users will automatically receive a notification with the option to accept or reject that offer. All payment takes place in the app using their credit card. 


For Example:

If you’re a buyer: On Alphatise buyers search for and express interest in products or services (they are called wishes).

I spotted a Burberry Brit ‘Crombrook’ Cotton womens Trench Coat on Alphatise that retails for $1122 on the high street!  If you know you are not prepared to spend that kind of money, but  if you could get it for $700 you would buy it tomorrow – with Alphatise, you can do that!

You simply tell sellers on the platform what you want (we call it a wish), what you would pay and they then have the opportunity to match your demands. If they do, and you agree the transaction takes place. You can also share your activity on your social networks, so friends and families can easily jump on a deal. In addition to products, buyers can also request a store discount wish, such as 10% off.


Does it sound too good to be true? Well trust me it’s not, you can download the app today and see for yourself.  It’s free to register and you can also check it out online here. This is one website you will want to bookmark!

For more info watch the video below:

Alphatise – Have a say in what you pay!

Will you be downloading Alphatise? I would love to know what you think!


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  • Norlin Mustapha says:

    Interesting concept. I would love to see how this works and how easy it is. Well…I think it’ll be bad for my hip pocket if I do manage to get the cheaper deals! 😉

  • OK now this is clever! What a great concept. So true – I do that all the time in my head: “if it was like $100 cheaper I’d buy it”…problem solved!

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