Peter Alexander Wizard of Oz Giveaway

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Peter Alexander Wizard of Oz Giveaway

Peter Alexander has been sitting in the Director’s seat! He released his latest sleepwear collection ‘Movie Night’ recently, casting four of his favourites from the film industry; Star Wars, Harry Potter, Wizard of Oz and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. across Australia,

The entire ‘Movie Night’ collection rolled out in store and online on Thursday, 24 July 2014 and a lot of items have already already sold out!!


Luckily Peter Alexander  has just released a gorgeous, playful Wizard of Oz range that your little ones will love! It includes Yellow Brick Road PJ Sets, Dorothy Ruby Slippers and the Emerald City Wizard of Oz Sleep Tees.


I have 2 x boys and 2 x girls Wizard of Oz packs to giveaway to Mama Stylista readers valued at $100 each!! Check out some of the items below.

Peter Alexander Wizard of Oz Giveaway

 JNR Girls Wizard of Oz Rainbow Set $59.95

Peter Alexander Wizard of Oz Giveaway

Boys Wizard of Oz Friends Set $69.95

Peter Alexander Wizard of Oz Giveaway

Girls Wizard of Oz Floral PJ set $69.95

Peter Alexander Wizard of Oz Giveaway

Boys Wizard of OZ Friends PJ set $69.95

Peter Alexander Wizard of Oz Giveaway

JNR Girls Wizard of Oz Gingham Set $59.95

Peter Alexander Wizard of Oz Giveaway

JNR Girls Wizard of Oz Onesie $59.95

Peter Alexander Wizard of Oz Giveaway

 Girls Wizard of Oz Ruby Slippers $39.95

For your chance to win a Peter Alexander Wizard of Oz pack valued at $100 enter via the box below.  Good luck!

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Visit Peter Alexander online or go in-store to see the whole ‘Movie Night’ collection. Get in quick!

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  • Shari says:

    Super cute! I love his maternity/nursing p.j’s – it’s so nice to be thought of!

  • Kate McMullen says:

    Elliott and Austin definitely need some new pjs for summer, these are adorable!

  • Rachel K says:

    I love the Wizard of Oz. It was my all time favourite movie as a kid although the wicked witch gave me nightmares. These days I think it’s the ultimate chick flick, two
    chicks trying to kill each other over shoes! Ha, ha!

  • jody buhagiar says:

    Have grown up with the Wizard Of Oz, love!
    Wanting red slippers beyond and above.
    When I sleep, I can dream,
    that the wicked witch I have not seen!
    Wanting comfort, and some fun,
    Peter Alexander PJ s, would love some!!

  • Wow! What stunning PJs. I would so wear them as clothes! Thanks for joining Wardrobe Wednesday xx

  • The Plumbette says:

    Gorgeous pjs! I love wearing my Peter Alexander pjs myself and love their maternity nighties. I actually don’t have any for my girls so it would be great to win some for this summer. Hopefully when they wear them they will follow the yellow brick road to sleepdom!

  • Norlin Mustapha says:

    Such cute PJs! I think my kids would just adore these – if they won. 😉

  • Tanya B says:

    My grandchildren love The Wizard of Oz and would really love these.

  • Oh wish they came in my size. I love them to bits. I love the Wizard Of Oz. xx

  • My poor kids are currently stuck wearing supermarket pjs, they would LOVE these ones!

  • Stephanie Veljanovska says:

    When I was a little girl the Wizard of oz was my all time favourite movie. I would love to have such cool Peter alexander Pjs for my little ones.

  • Bec Goodwin-Parry says:

    Family movie night
    Wizard of Oz PJ’s
    Tapping the Ruby Slippers three times
    “There’s no place like home”

  • Oh my little girls love Dorothy!! Such a fabby giveaway xxx

  • Nikita Tasi says:

    I would love to show my little girl the love of my favourite childhood movie. The movie that I would sing all the songs too, the constant rewinding of the tape to replay it over and over again.

  • Lisa Marie says:

    Mama stylista! I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore. Let’s click our ruby slippers and magically get a full nights sleep in these pjs so we wake up our mama stylista best somewhere over the rainbow x x x

  • Vanessa says:

    Oh my goodness! What a great giveaway. We love the Wizard of Oz as the kids are obsessed with Wicked. All of my boys would love those pjs sets. Off to enter stat! x

  • Narelle Rock says:

    well I have 2 girls and 2 boys who live in my house, so this prize was obviously meant for me 😉

  • Kell Kelly says:

    I have recently shared my love of The Wizard of Oz with my kids and they have really taken to it. Often reciting lines and pretending to be the characters, we have a scarecrow, tinman and of course Dorothy. To win this prize for either my boys or girl would bring so much joy to them. Thanks for the chance. xx

  • Melissa Jones says:

    I’m a huge fan of The Wizard of Oz and am never fed up with reading it again and again. My kids love this story too. It would be awesome to read this great novel while wearing the Wizard of OZ pj.

  • rebeccastapleton says:

    These PJ’s are adorable!! One of the best movies ever made.. loved it! Except the wicked witch scared me as a little girl, hehe. My 8 year old son would look so very handsome in a pair of these, I’ll keep my fingers crossed xx

  • Cate says:

    We recently went and saw my nephew in the local Gang Show. My son loved watching the Scouts perform songs from The Wizard of Oz and is still singing his version of the songs. It’s time I introduced the movie to him, and what better way to watch than in comfy Wizard of Oz pjs.

  • Rachel Kriss-Newell says:

    (Sung to Frozen’s ‘Let It Go’ – sing along if you dare)

    Let it go, let it go
    I can’t hold it back anymore
    My girls are in love
    With these PJ’s they adore
    Wizard of Oz is the appeal
    Because red shoes are ideal
    Let their smiles truly glow
    They’d sing and dance to bed with gustow

  • I love these! But I know my daughter would love them even more especially after watching TWOOZ the other week. She’s 11 but I still think of her as my baby especially when she’s sleeping x

  • AmberB says:

    These are sooo cute! Winning these pjs would really help our family budget.

  • Cathy Stone says:

    My kids love the movie The Wizard of OZ. To own and slip into these PJ’s would allow them to feel the part and be able to step into the characters shoes, shut their eyes and go to dream land where they can have their own sweet dreams and have new adventures with the characters in the Land of OZ.

  • kookla123 says:

    This amazing Peter Alexander range I adore
    A pair would look stunning on my Little Miss Four
    A timeless classic, a gorgeous design
    Would make bedtimes fun in this home of mine
    We love Wizard Of Oz, so this would make a great surprise
    If I were to win this prize!!

  • Julia Mason says:

    I would love to win because my two girls are new fans of The Wizard of Oz, and in these PJ’s we will all be tapping our red shoes together and dreaming of dancing down the Yellow Brick road!!

  • Joanne Emery says:

    The Wizard Of Oz is a huge traditional family favourite – the first movie to come out when someone’s feeling down or ill, and guaranteed to cheer us all up! Really love that Peter Alexander has come to the Wizard of Oz party!

  • Crankycaroline says:

    Followed – and I would love to win these ADORABLE jammies. The Wizard of Oz is a family classiC!

  • Chloe Barber says:

    So my little miss can follow the yellow brick road in her dreams each night

  • MischiefMaker says:

    I was spoilt for my birthday and got a pair of these lovely Wizard of Oz pjs and some of those gorgeous slippers BUT my daughter seems to think she needs some. She flops around in the slippers leaving my feet left out in the cold 🙁 thankfully the pjs are far too big and she cant claim them! I’d love to win because I’d love for her to have her own set. Then we can be matching 😀

  • kezz says:

    So many great entries !!! but Just like Dorothy I will always keep trying because “somewhere over the rainbow” with my hand on my heart I will “follow the yellow brick road” hopefully right into a Peter Alexander store where Scarecrow , Tinman and Cowardly lion can help me choose some much needed new PJ’s for my beautiful daughter and grand daughter and they can join the “The Lullaby League” !!!!!!

  • Jodi Zimmer says:

    My favourite childhood movie! 🙂

  • Catrina Murray says:

    For our little munchkins who are 9 and 11!

  • Eamond Tomaszewski says:

    i was just looking at the kids tonight and one of them legs have grown again annotating fits please and thankyou

  • Renata Marchionna says:

    So beautiful

  • Fiona says:

    We love the Wizard of Oz, what gorgeous Pj’s too!

  • Lisa Frankel says:

    I’d love to win for my son – he loves to dance to the Wizard of Oz

  • luigi costantino says:

    We need new pj’s!!!

  • Steve B says:

    I would love to see my 2 special girls in matching pj’s. Then they really can be ‘like mother, like daughter’

  • Lee Neifeld Friedland says:

    What a fantastic competition! I’m a Wizard of Oz and Peter Alexander fanatic so this is a dream prize!
    My little man would look too cute in these! Holding thumbs!

  • Lauren says:

    I’d love to win these gorgeous Pjs for my niece and nephew. It’s about time Aunty Lol gained favourite Aunty status for a while! I love the original movie, it’s one the whole family can watch time and time again. Must watch it with the kids next time I have them over for the weekend. Thanks for a very generous giveaway. I’m crossing my fingers xxx

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