5 Ways to get Smoother Skin for Summer


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5 Ways to get Smoother Skin for Summer

A harsh winter tends to induce dry and itchy skin that can only be helped to a point in a persistently cold period like winter. There is a way you can get your skin smooth in time for summer. A few minor but effective lifestyle alterations could be all it takes. This article outlines are five relatively simply, non-invasive tips to employ to really get your skin feeling smooth and fantastic. For more drastic interventions, you should consider a reputable plastic surgery clinic such as the Cosmos Clinic founded by Dr Joseph Ajaka – they have a lot of positive reviews on their website.

5 Ways to get Smoother Skin for SummerCosmetic Procedures

Both surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures can provide the face with a smoother surface. Sometimes a light facial peel is all it takes for your skin to be rejuvenated. In other instances, laser treatment might prove to be a more effective option. Essentially, cosmetic skin treatment aims to remove dead or aging skin and stimulate the growth of healthy, youthful skin.

Limit Your Shower Time

When it comes to your skin’s best interests, less showering is best. Steamy hot showers, while heavenly in the cold weather, diminish the skin’s natural oils and can amount to dry and flaky skin. Your natural oils help your skin maintain a healthy amount of moisture. When you wash these oils away, your skin lacks the vapour it needs to remain smooth and glowing.

Basic Skin Care

Simply paying your skin a certain amount of attention each day will make all the difference to your overall look. Moisturising your skin daily is important, particularly in the dry weather. It’s also important to wash your face after a germ-hospitable day. Exfoliating to rid your body of dead skin is also an overlooked but highly essential process – it makes it easier for a new layer of skin to emerge and increases circulation.

5 Ways to get Smoother Skin for SummerConsumption Choices

There are certain foods and beverages that can induce dry skin, such as alcohol or coffee. Because caffeine is a diuretic, drinking a caffeinated beverage will drive you to urinate more often, and in turn your body will have less of the fluids that keep your skin looking healthy and moist. To avoid this, it is important to drink water regularly and consume the key antioxidants: vitamin A, C and E.

Sun Protection

It might be cold, but the sun is still out. While a certain degree of sun exposure is healthy, too much of it will have the opposite affect on your skin. Too much time in a glaring sun makes skin rough and vulnerable to wrinkles. It also dehydrates the body, ridding the skin of moisture and causing it to dry. To avoid this, cover up sensibly whenever you’re outdoors – you should wear sunblock and a hat at the bare minimum.

You’ll notice that the effort required to maintain smoother skin will also improve your lifestyle in general. Stick to these basics and you’ll find your skin, your summer and your outlook adjusting for the better.

How do you look after you skin during the summer months? 

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