Kissy Kissy Babywear: The Celebrity Fave

Kissy Kissy Babywear - The Celebrity Choice

With the upcoming birth of my baby girl in nearly 3 weeks I’m obsessively looking for good quality, stylish baby wear. Enter Kissy Kissy!

Kissy Kissy Babywear - The Celebrity Choice

At Kissy Kissy all items are made from the highest quality Peruvian Pima cotton, the most luxurious and gentlest fabric for baby’s skin.

Kissy Kissy Babywear - The Celebrity Choice

The extra-long fibres which are a characteristic of Pima Cotton make it especially soft, more absorbent, durable, and highly resistant to pilling. The cotton is also free from scratchy impurities which helps those who suffer from allergies or sensitive skin. It washes beautifully either by machine or by hand and becomes even softer after each wash.

Kissy Kissy Babywear - The Celebrity Choice

Kissy Kissy is famous for its unique and stunning hand embroideries. Their designs are timeless and they use only the most highly skilled embroiderers.

Kissy Kissy Babywear - The Celebrity Choice

At Kissy Kissy you will find one-of-a-kind, distinctive prints, many of which have over eight colours and have to be hand printed. Each design is unique, elegant and stylish. Perfect for my little princess.

Kissy Kissy Babywear - The Celebrity Choice

The Kissy Kissy line is carried in the finest department stores around the world including Harrods, Fortnum & Mason, Liberty, Bloomingdale, Saks and Bergdorf Goodman.

Kissy Collage

Their innovative mix of tiny fashions appeals to celebrities everywhere including Nicole Kidman, Angelina Jolie, Matt Damon, Drew Barrymore, Brooke Sheilds. Salma Hayek, Elton John, Molly Sims and Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes.

If it’s good enough for them its good enough for my little one!

The Kissy Kissy range comes in:

  • Sleepsuits
  • Playsuits
  • Two-piece sets
  • Converters, gowns, dresses
  • Blankets, hats, bibs, booties
  • Christening gowns
  • Smocking
  • Knits
  • New – Pyjamas for Older Children

You can shop Kissy Kissy in Australia at Brands for KidsAlex and Alexa and Neiman Marcus. For further info visit the Kissy Kissy website.

*Not sponsored just love*

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