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Blazers are a great way to show people, “Hey, I have enough money to buy a jacket”. But this is 2014. The time for conservative fashion choices is over. Break thought barriers and wear a blazer that says, “Hey, I have enough money to buy a jacket that looks really good”.

Politix Featured

Head to for a little bit of inspiration and if you’re still looking for ideas have a read of this handy guide to the latest in blazer fashion.

Bold blazers: Would you try this style?

Cast Iron Blazer

Probably not the type of blazer you’d want to be wearing on an overcast day, but the cast iron blazer does send a bold, metallic statement of fashion to everyone in your path and makes you look like a robot, which are both positives. As long as you’re mindful of rusting and the fact that it will restrict your arm movement, the cast iron blazer is a great way to exude a strong presence. And you’ll have to be strong, walking around with a cast iron blazer on your shoulders all day. Let’s face it, it’s the closest we’ll get to Iron Man.

Nature’s Blazer

What? You think nature’s blazer is just a hunk of turf fashioned into a rudimentary jacket? You’re wrong! That’s nature’s blazer and it allows you to get all Adam and Eve. Head on down to your local turf supplier with a stitch and thread and fashion yourself your own version of nature’s blazer. You’ll feel as though you’re skipping through the gardens of Eden in no time – although it might be a good idea to leave this one in the cloakroom, rather than taking it inside the office and resting it on the back of your desk.

TP Blazer

Whether you’re pretending to be an ancient Egyptian at a dress-up party or simply enjoying the convenience of being wrapped in toilet paper, the TP blazer presents a superior option for the jacket-wearer of today. Just remember that just because you’re wearing a blazer made out of toilet paper and you’re in a sitting position and you need to go to a toilet doesn’t mean you’re actually on the toilet.

News of the Day Blazer

This is the same basic concept as the toilet paper blazer, although it does allow you to keep up-to-date with current events, which is definitely a big plus in today’s busy society. Current events, business and sports all make great sections to tailor to your shape. Plus it’s a great way to meet new people on the commute too and from work. Lift your elbows up and let them get to the opinion pieces!

What do you think of this list? Are there any suggestions you wouldn’t agree with? Is there anything you’d add to the list? Be sure to head to the Politix website and get some real inspiration into the sort of cool blazers that are out there!

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