Family Favourite: Ford Kuga Titanium

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I have literally just had a baby and over the last 6 weeks I have been lucky enough to trial a Ford Kuga Titanium thanks to Kidspot and Ford Australia! To say the timing couldn’t have been better is an understatement!


We had so much running around to do prior to bub’s arrival and we had also just moved house. There was lots of shopping for newborn essentials and nursery and household items as my nesting instincts kicked in.


My hub isn’t too handy when it comes to building things so when he picked up a Boori Madison bassinet from  My Baby Kingdom and asked them to make it up for us the Ford Kuga was fully capable of transporting it.


The hub even managed to take his bike to the local repair shop for a much needed service. A chore that he has been meaning to do for a good few years! So he was beyond thrilled.


Bub Stylista was very taken with the storage space of the Ford too! The Ford Kuga Titanium features 60/40 split rear seats.  You can fold down one seat or the other to fit in people and/or cargo. If you need more storage just fold both seats down and take advantage of 1603 litres of space!



Bub was equally impressed with the power operated panoramic sunroof! It takes up 50% of the roof and gives you great views! Perfect for a trip on a gorgeous Summer day.


I asked my husband what his favourite feature was and he gave me a typical blokey answer…the engine!?!

“All of the modern extras are so well-integrated into the car. Everything is there for a reason. My favourite feature was the engine, it is much punchier that I thought it would be. I’m looking at a family SUV and would definitely consider a Ford  after driving this one and in all honesty I probably wouldn’t  have before.” 


As a pregnant mum there were so many features that made my life easier! The hands-free boot operated by your foot meaning no fiddling with keys, the Active Park Assist that helps you parallel park by doing the steering for you which between you and me I still sometimes struggle with.


But also I just love how sleek  and stylish it is! It’s such a good-looking car and it compliments my wardrobe perfectly don’t you think? I’ve really enjoyed showing it off.


It’s quite unfortunate that this pic was taken next to a Termite van but anyhoo, I digress!


One of our favourite trips in the Ford Kuga was to Randwick Royal Women’s Hospital for the birth of our baby girl with all my over-packed luggage in tow! It was a comfortable ride and a very special one. I will miss you Kuga!


Ford Australia, you made this little family very happy for 6 weeks.  We all loved the Kuga and will be very sad to see it go but we’ve got something else to take our mind off it. A new addition to the family!

An ode to the Ford Kuga…

Are you a fan of Ford? What do you think of the Kuga? 

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