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attipas australia
I have been a big fan of Attipas ever since I was introduced to them at the Baby & Toddler expo 3 years ago. They were a godsend when Bub Stylista was a baby and he still wears them now.

They come in a stylish array of designs featuring lace, corsage, polka-dots and crystals for girls and stripes, sneakers, rainbow and marine for boys.

The perfect pre-walkers, Attipas baby shoes are funky, comfortable footwear that look good and stay on! Available in 8 cute styles and 4 sizes, Attipas are quickly becoming the number one choice in toddler shoes! 


attipas australia

Attipas Australia have just released their limited edition Christmas range for the festive season. The snowflake, cherry red and white design is the perfect way for all babies and toddlers to run, jump and skip their way into the Christmas joy.

Caroline Africh, Director of Attipas says, “Christmas is such a joyous time and these bright, fun shoes are no exception. They’re a great way to finish off any Santa Claus or Sugar Plum Fairy outfit. Not only do they look great, but our stylish pre-walkers are lightweight and comfortable for your toddler to walk and run around in,” said Caroline.

attipas australia

Attipas toddler shoes are made with a non-slip gripped sole, are highly breathable and support your infant from their very first steps.

As light as a sock, but more supportive than a pre-walker, Attipas toddler shoes have been specifically designed to help infants learn to walk based on seven years of research at the University of Seoul in South Korea. They are a mother’s dream!


I’ve chosen the gorgeous pairs above as stocking fillers for the kids. Attipas shoes are the perfect gift for babies and toddlers this Xmas!
Attipas Giveaway

To celebrate the launch of their limited edition Christmas range for the festive season, Attipas Australia are joining up with Mamastylista for a great giveaway and reader offer. 

Attipas Australia are giving away 2 x prize packs valued at $59.95 each of cute pre-walkers just in time for Christmas. With the release of the new spring/summer, larger sizes and Christmas range in store, Attipas will have your little ones up walking, running and jumping into the festive season.

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Attipas are also offering Mamastylista readers 20% off all orders. Please visit www.attipas.com.au and use coupon MAMASTYLISTA at checkout. Expires 24/12/2014.

Check out the whole range at http://www.attipas.com.au/.


  • Rachel K says:

    The reason I love shoes is because they give me a certain feeling, excitement or energy when I see them. They are the one area of my life where I can honestly say practicality or common sense do not prevail or even exist – I guess you could say they bring out my rebellious side. Of course my dream shoe
    is always the latest pair I own until I spot the next dream pair that I simply must purchase and possess!
    So, I need to win this prize so I can start a family tradition and point my little one in the right direction!

  • Joanna Carrasco Hartmann says:

    I’m so excited to try new things with the upcoming birth of my first baby. I love how research has actually gone into designing these shoes and the ease of their usability for baby to toddler. Plus they are soooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!

  • Melissa Jones says:

    My little girl is learning walking now and a pair of comfy and stylish shoes would be very handy for her. Attipas is the best choice.

  • What gorgeous shoes!! My Phoebe is a while off walking but these would be fabulous for her when she does. She gets all the hand me downs from her older sisters so something new would be good just for her!

  • Karina Lee says:

    I love it when my baby wears shoes even though it’s redundant since she can’t walk. It’s more for my viewing pleasure.

  • kookla123 says:

    So I could include them in a hamper I am planning to make for my dear friend who is currently pregnant with her second child.

  • Angela East says:

    My little man is just starting to pull himself up and cruise along furniture. His feet will need support for walking. These look perfect for that and I love how they are broad at the front because my children have such wide feet and I hate anything that might restrict their growth!

  • Cynthia Louise says:

    I’d love to win these for my bubba on the way so she can have some of her own instead of her bro’s attipas handmedowns!

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