Sunday Lunch at Hunters Hill Hotel

Sunday Lunch at Hunters Hill Hotel

Picture this…it’s a baking hot Sunday afternoon, you don’t want to cook, the husband fancies a beer and you want delicious food you can actually enjoy without the toddler driving you mad.


Enter the newly refurbished Hunters Hill Hotel in Gladesville! Amazing food, great service, fabulous decor, the largest outdoor television screen in a NSW pub and a playhouse for toddlers so adults can eat in peace. They have literally thought of everything.


On arrival we were greeted by the lovely manager Carly, she was so accommodating and wonderful with Bub Stylista who can be hard work in a restaurant situation. We knew immediately we were going to have a great time. There was a lovely relaxed atmosphere, everyone kicking back enjoying the Summer day.


The hub was very impressed with the courtyard, there was a cool mist spray to cool you down. What a great idea! It was such a hot day and it worked a treat. See I told you they thought of everything!





For starters I ordered the Antipasto plate and the hub had the smoked salmon, they were very sizeable portions and both of us were wondering how we were going to eat our mains. We managed to squeeze them in. I went for the Sage and Panko Breadcrumb Chicken Schnitzel and the hub had the steak. Both absolutely delicious. I highly recommend the garlic and parmesan bread too.



Lunch was even more enjoyable because Bub Stylista was entertained. I think it should be mandatory that all restaurants have a playhouse. Yes you have to take it in turns to eat but still…at least I wasn’t chasing him around tables or dealing with a tantrum because he wanted to leave. In fact we couldn’t get him out of there.




He did venture out when the Snickers cheesecake came though. That in itself was worth going back for! The pecan pie isn’t too shabby either.

We’ll definitely be heading back, it’s the perfect place to unwind with a group of friends…and the kids!

Have you been to the Hunters Hill Hotel? What’s your favourite family friendly pub?

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