Mum Friendly Swimwear

Mum Friendly Swimwear
Mum Friendly Swimwear
You know that moment when you give birth and you are so engrossed with your baby that you forget everything else? Then you go to have a shower and notice the excess baby weight in all it’s glory!  I had a baby a few months ago and I’m not confident enough to wear a swimsuit just yet. Breastfeeding isn’t helping either, I’m snacking all the time!
Post-pregnancy body shapes are so hard to deal with. I have a bigger bust, excess baby weight around the tummy area and then there are the stretch marks! Unlike most celebrity mums it can be difficult to get back to your body shape pre-baby so you have to embrace the new you and that means on the beach too!
However you can run into a myriad of problems when choosing the right swimwear so I’ve found 10 swimsuits to help you (and me) ooze confidence on the beach this Summer.
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