Tiny Hearts First Aid :: Baby Safety Tips and Giveaway

Tiny Hearts First Aid

When my son was born I took a First Aid course but I’d completely forgotten most of it by the time my daughter came along. Luckily Cotton On KIDS invited me to a Tiny Hearts First Aid event for a bit of a refresh.

Tiny Hearts First Aid

Tiny Hearts Paediatric First Aid is the brainchild of two sisters Nikki and Rachel. Their aim is to empower new and expecting parents with the knowledge & skills to protect their child.

Tiny Hearts First Aid

Tiny Hearts Paediatric First Aid provides training for parents, expecting parents, grandparents, siblings/ family members and anyone who is responsible for the health & safety of babies and children.

Their courses cover important topics including CPR, Asthma, Anaphylaxis, Drowning, Falls, Temperatures, Seizures, poisoning and SIDS.

Tiny Hearts First Aid

Tiny Hearts First Aid

Tiny Hearts have provided paediatric first aid training to some of Australia’s biggest celebrities including Megan Gale, Zoe & Hamish Blake, Kate Ritchie, and Erin McNaught.

I asked Nikki and Rachel what their top tips are for baby safety:

Tiny Hearts First Aid Top Safety Tips

1. It only takes 20 seconds and a few centimetres of water for a child to drown. Remember drowning is quick and silent! Drowning is 100% preventable, never take your eyes off your child when in the water. No matter where children are around water: whether it is in the bathroom, background, beach or on the farm – they must be protected.

2. Burns must always be treated with cool running water for at least 20 minutes

3. It is only necessary to reduce a child’s fever if the child is uncomfortable e.g restless, agitated, in pain. There is no advantage to lowering your child’s fever, except for comfort. Fever is not known to cause damage to the brain or other organs.

4. Always sleep baby on their back to reduce the risk of SIDS. Sleeping baby on their tummy increases the chance of SIDS by 14 times!

5. Since 2008 the number of infants with whooping cough is on the rise. Whopping cough is highly contagious and those most at risk are babies under 6 months of age as there are not completely immunised until 6 months of age. It is highly recommended anyone who will be in contact with baby in the first 6 months of life.

Tiny Hearts First Aid


Thanks to Cotton On KIDS and Tiny Hearts I have one couples gift voucher for the Tiny Hearts Paediatric First Aid Course to giveaway valued at $145.

Simply enter via the box below!

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For more information on Tiny Hearts First Aid visit the website.


  • Joanna Carrasco Hartmann says:

    What an important skill to obtain in the lead up to the birth of a child! Particularly the first, when every experience is new. I hopeful that if an emergency occurs, my hubby and I are able to do everything we can to help our child as we wait for the ambos to arrive.

  • This was on the top of my list to do before Punky was born, then she was born and it just didn’t happen. Now with two small ones I have been investigating first aid courses because I’m really keen for Dave and I to get up to speed so that we both have the peace of mind that we know what to do should the unthinkable happen. We can’t rely on being 2 minutes from the hospital to save one of our daughters, it could happen in an instant and it’s not worth the worry of not knowing to do in an emergency.

  • When Little E began to choke last week I didn’t know what to do. At all. Can you heimlich a toddler? My answer to every cut or scrape is to lick it and nod smugly, “Problem solved”. Phenom-A-Mum is not impressed and a little scared if something actually life threatening should happen. So she wants me to take a first aid course just like this one… and I think she’s right.

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