SRC Recovery Shorts Review

SRC recovery shorts review

When I had my first child I was clueless about  a lot of things and how to get my pre-baby bod back was one of them. I heard about SRC Recovery Shorts  months after the birth and I was gutted!  I vowed that if I ever had another baby I would invest in a pair.

I was very lucky to receive a pair to review this time round. SRC Recovery Shorts aim to speed up your recovery and regain your body shape so I was very keen to try.

SRC Recovery Shorts Review 

SRC Recovery Shorts Review

Post -delivery

I started wearing them 3 weeks after giving birth but you can wear them straight away. I had a C-section and I was worried about applying any pressure on my scar but there was no pain at all. They actually reduce wound pain!

They have special anatomical panels that provide gentle compression to the tummy area encouraging the abdominal muscles to return to their original shape and position.  You can feel them working straight away. They provide great support and I couldn’t believe how much flatter my tummy looked.

SRC Recovery Shorts Review

One of the keys to post-delivery recovery is being mobile. SRC Recovery Shorts help you to move around and I noticed the difference after not wearing them for my first birth. I was much more active and it was easier to lift, feed, bath and care for my newborn.

The shorts are meant to fit like a second skin so they are super tight. It took me ages to get them on the first time I wore them but you get the hang of it. Once I had them on I would dread going to the loo though. Luckily it’s not as often as during pregnancy!

SRC Recovery Shorts Review

I wear them all the time, under dresses, on their own, exercising and around the house. In fact I feel weird not wearing them! They hold my post- pregnancy tummy in so well and even though they are tight they are quite comfortable once you get used to them.


3.5 months on and I am nearly back to my pre-baby shape. Yes I have good genes I must admit but the SRC Recovery Shorts have speeded up the process! Although they are worth wearing for the health benefits alone.

One thing to note, you have to make sure you get the right size because it is critical to the performance of the garment. So measure yourself correctly! I got a size S but I have lost so much weight I am thinking of getting the XS too. I don’t want to stop wearing them just yet.

So if you are thinking about buying a pair the answer is yes! This is a definite must have for your hospital bag or a great gift for new mums.

SRC Recovery Shorts are well worth the $189* price tag – shop them here. If you are not happy you can get a full refund if you return them within 30 days. But trust me you will be happy. Very happy!

*You can apply for a rebate if you have private health insurance.

Did you wear recovery shorts after giving birth? What was your experience?

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