My Style: MBFWA 2015 Day 1

My Style: MBFWA Day 1

What does one wear to fashion week? Last year I was pregnant and I didn’t really care  but this year I thought I’d have a bit of fun. Case in point, my outfit for MBFWA 2015 Day 1 by Yousef Akbar.

My Style: MBFWA Day 1

I’ve never been one to shy away from a sequin and when I saw this outfit I knew I had to wear it. It was just too fabulous not to!

My Style: MBFWA 2015 Day 1

Admittedly I didn’t realise the top was so short and in hindsight I would have gone for the dress but what’s a few stretch marks between friends right?

My Style: MBFWA Day 1

Chatting shoes with Breakfast with Audrey

I paired it with a gorgeous pair of heels from Next Direct (sold out). Fashion Week isn’t as glamorous as you think! Picture me running to check my car every few hours in these babies  and a silver sequin suit in the middle of the day!

The parking is horrendous around Carriageworks and there was a regular parade of heavily styled, high-heeled fashionistas moving their cars in the back streets of Newtown. A sight to behold on a Monday afternoon.


My Style: MBFWA Day 1

Being filmed for MTV Style

After dropping my son at preschool and breastfeeding my daughter before racing out the door arriving at Fashion Week was like being dropped in a parallel universe. I forgot how full on it is!

As soon as you walk down the steps you are surrounded by street style snappers jostling for pics. To be honest I think the majority of attendees spent most of their time outside taking outfit shots (me included)! Well it is all about fashion right?

It was a short day for me as I got into the swing of things. I watched  Watson x Watson show, interviewed Terry Biviano and took respite from my heels in the Star Lounge before picking my son up at 3pm.

*Note to self: Never wear a crop top again!

Images via Jerome Lafforgue

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