My Fashion Week Saviour: Medela Swing Maxi


My 6 month old daughter is solely breastfed and she loves her food. She feeds every few hours. I have only just started introducing solids but she’s not a fan so I was really worried about how I was going to cope during Fashion Week.

I knew I would have to pump but I had my reservations. I tried it before with my son and whole process can be really fiddly and time-consuming.

When I heard about the Medela Swing Maxi pump I wanted to give it a try.  I was really excited about the whole double-pump thing. More milk in less time definitely gets a thumbs up from me.

My Fashion Week Saviour: Medela Swing Maxi

Medela Swing Maxi Pump

I must say I was very impressed with it. For a start it is easy to set up, it’s also comfortable, efficient and easy to clean. The fact that you’re double pumping cuts the time in half. With two kids and work I never have time to do anything so this is a god-send.

The Swing Maxi uses something called the 2-Phase expression developed by Medela. This helps to initiate and maintain lactation by imitating the sucking behaviour of healthy babies. Basically it starts the let down phase then moves to normal suction. How genius is that?

I was very surprised with the amount I was pumping, the suction is strong  and I found that my milk supply had increased.

I would pump at night after the kids had gone to bed whilst watching Real Housewives of..anywhere really! Once you get the hang of assembling the parts it’s really easy and the settings are adjustable for your comfort. It’s compact for use on the go and works with batteries and a charger.

One last thing, my breasts are very sensitive and there was no irritation at all. I found the whole process to be smooth sailing which meant I could concentrate on work for a week knowing that bub was well fed. One less thing to stress about and that’s a blessing for a working mum! Yes it is more expensive than some other pumps but in my opinion it is well worth the price!

My Fashion Week Saviour: Medela Swing Maxi

I also received the Breastfeeding Starter Kit that contains products to make your breastfeeding experience much smoother .

It includes: 1x Calma, 2x 150ml bottles with multi-lid, 12x disposable nursing pads, 1x Purelan100 7g, 1x QuickClean microwave bag, 5x Pump&Save bags.

So whether you are exclusively breastfeeding or additionally pumping, the The Breastfeeding Starter Kit is an easy way to collect, store and feed and sanitize.

I know it’s tough going back to work when you’ve had a baby, (I must admit I popped home at lunchtime to feed and give her a cuddle regardless) but Medela just makes things easier for you! Their products take the stress of expressing away and gives you peace of mind. 

About Medela

Medela provides the most technologically advanced, superior-quality breastpumps and breastfeeding accessories to nursing mothers globally. A longtime champion of breastfeeding, Medela is the only company to develop products based on research by the world’s leading lactation experts.  Both Swing maxiTM (RRP: $449.00) and The Breastfeeding Starter Kit (RRP: $49.99) are available in all good retailers. 

Visit for more info.

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  • How did your little one go actually taking the bottle? Mr 8 months is solely breast fed – he hates solids even though I have tried just about everything {and his older brother was eating solids at 4 months}. I have tried expressing but he doesn’t take the bottle, so I find the whole progress crappy. Any tips on getting your little one to take the bottle?

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