Greentom Upp | The World’s Greenest Pram

Greentom Upp | The World's Greenest Pram

I attended the launch of the Greentom Upp pram last week at Taronga Zoo. This however is not just any pram! It is the world’s greenest pram made entirely out of recycled bottles. 

Greentom Upp | The World's Greenest Pram

Nowadays parents want products that are good for the environment and their children so this will be great news to environmentally-conscious mums everywhere!

Everything from the frame, wheels, rain cover and fabric of the Greentom Upp pram is made out of recyclable plastic.

It is also lightweight, ergonomic and easy to use. It folds up in seconds and is extremely durable!

Greentom Upp | The World's Greenest Pram

When I heard this pram was made out of recycled plastic I thought it would be fugly as hell but it’s actually very stylish and comes in a variety of unique colours.

That’s not all! When you are finished with the stroller you can return it to Greentom and they will reuse all the parts!

What a great concept right?

Watch out Bugaboo there’s a new stroller on the block!

Greentom Upp | The World's Greenest Pram

Prices start at $550 for the sit-up pushchair version – $999 for the 3-in-1 combination (which can be used from birth to 4 years) featuring a bassinet, a reversible seat and a forward-facing fabric set.

I was asked my thoughts on the pram by the Daily Mail – read the full article here.

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Would you invest in a Greentom pram?

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