Shoesday: Oscar’s for Kids


I discovered these gorgeous little loafers from Oscar’s for Kids on Instagram. I had been looking all over for a pair of shoes for my son for his 4th birthday party and I fell in love with them instantly.

Shoesday: Oscar's for Kids

Shoesday: Oscar's for Kids

How dapper does Bub Stylista look? The perfect party outfit!

These beautiful, handmade leather shoes come in a stunning array of colours from Capri yellow to Milan navy.

Oscar’s for Kids is suitable for every little foot, wide or slim. There is also a very handy measuring guide on the website too!

Shoesday: Oscar's for Kids

Shoesday: Oscar's for Kids

Shoesday: Oscar's for Kids

The suede is super-soft and it moulds to tiny feet making them so comfortable.

There is also an invisible cushion at the back which helps protect the heel and keep everything in place no matter what the terrain it how fast they run in them!

Pair them with chino shorts and a crisp shirt for Euro chic.

They are the perfect gift for stylish kids this Xmas!

Shop them for $69.95 here.

*Disclosure: I received a pair of Oscar’s for Kids loafers in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

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