Buy of the Week: Love to Dream Nuzzlin 1.0 TOG Sleep Bag


My son was a terrible sleeper as a baby and still is actually. The only thing that would settle him down at naptime was the Love to Dream Swaddle Up. I was terrible at the whole swaddle thing so it was an absolute lifesaver.

I remember my husband rushing out to get new Swaddle Ups as soon as Bub Stylista outgrew them because the thought of not having one was too much to bear!

So of course when Princess Stylista was born she slept in them too. In fact we recycled her brother’s old ones which shows how durable the range is.

Now that Princess is a toddler ( I can’t quite believe it) she has moved on to the sleep bag.


So I was beyond thrilled when Love To Dream released their new ‘all year all rounder’. The Nuzzlin 1.0TOG Sleep Bag is made from ‘New Generation Muslin’ fabric with an additional 100% cotton lining for an extra level of warmth.



Princess loves her Love to Dream Sleep Bag

This highly breathable fabric is temperature regulating which reduces the risk of over-heating by keeping your child comfortably cool.

It’s also soft and super-comfy ensuring that your bub has just the right amount of cover to keep them snug during their sleep time.


Sleep Bag Saviour

Added bonuses are the bag is gentle on sensitive skin and features an extra-long zipper for easy nappy changes.

At $44.95 it’s an absolute steal for peace of mind at nap-time.

It’s my Buy of the Week! Your little ones will love it!

Head to the website for more info

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