Shoesday: Shop 20 Must Have Sale Shoes

Shoesday: Shop 15 Must Have Sale Shoes

Happy New Year Stylistas! I hope you had a fabulous Xmas break. I love this time of year! 2016 lies ahead, a fresh start full of promise and possibilities. Time to smash those goals right?

But also it’s sale time!! I managed to get to the Boxing Day Sales and picked up some insane bargains. I was invited to a barbecue right next to a shopping centre. Of course I had to pop out right?

Well if you haven’t had a chance to peruse the sales with the kids hanging off your leg or your overwhelmed with the amount of options, I’ve curated a list of must-have sale shoes to kick off my first Shoesday for 2016!

Gorgeous footwear at amazing prices ladies!

Put your best foot forward this year – simply click on the image to shop!

You’re welcome! x

Shoesday: Shop 15 Must Have Sale Shoes

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