The Best Clothes for Breastfeeding Mums


best clothes for breastfeeding

What are the best clothes for breastfeeding? 

I was asked by the Daily Mail Australia to share my tips on the best clothes for breastfeeding mothers.

For many new mums, finding clothes that are both chic and breastfeeding friendly can be an arduous task. And as us mothers know – time spent choosing an outfit is extremely limited!


Don’t worry ladies! Having a stylish wardrobe while breastfeeding is much easier than you think! You can even rock evening wear.

Find out the dress styles that will flatter your body shape, the most important item to buy for your breastfeeding wardrobe and the best places to shop.

Luckily, there is help at hand, I’m sharing my tips with FEMAIL on acquiring the ultimate breastfeeding wardrobe.

Read the full article to find out the best clothes for breastfeeding here.

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