Tech 21: The Best Phone Protection for Mums



Tech 21: The Best Phone Protection for Mums

A few months ago I smashed my IPhone. I didn’t have it in a proper case and I let the kids play with it and….you know how the story goes.

I took it into Apple after making an annoying appt and got it fixed for the princely sum of $169!!?? Can you believe it? I could get a new pair of shoes with that.

Well you never believe what happened next! I didn’t get a case for it straight away which was pretty stupid in hindsight and I was in the garden probably on Instagram, I put the phone in my lap and forgot it was there.

My son came out demanding something immediately as he is prone to do and I jumped to attention. Before I knew it I saw my phone flying in the air then I heard the sickening sound of smashed glass as it hit concrete.


Tech 21: The Best Phone Protection for Mums

Tech 21: The Best Phone Protection for Mums

I was so pissed at the thought of forking out another $169 that I kept that smashed IPhone screen for months. I learnt to work with it, I knew exactly how to hold it to get the best usage etc; It was like the cracks weren’t even there. The repair fee had blinded me!

But bits of glass kept coming off, it was starting to distort and the hub kept saying, ‘Fix your phone!’ every 5 minutes. I knew I had to succumb so back to Apple I went, very begrudgingly I might add.

Tech 21: The Best Phone Protection for Mums

This time I had a secret weapon. The new Tech 21 Evo Xplorer iPhone case.  This baby offers advanced impact protection!

If your screen takes a hit it will come out of it without a scratch. The Tech 21 can sustain a 2m/6.6ft drop!

It’s waterproof, dustproof, snow-proof, shockproof and kid-proof! In fact it can withstand anything life can throw its way and the SecureClip locking system keeps the case shut tight and nasties out.

You can still take a call, listen to music, leave your phone on your lap and forget about it! It’s fully protected.

Trust me I’ve tested it out, the kids have dropped it on numerous occasions, spilt water and food on it and it’s been totally fine. It’s the perfect case to have with small children around or if you’re a tad clumsy like me!

It’s a bit fiddly to get on and off but I don’t really want to take it off anyway. If this means I don’t have to fork out another $169 to Apple it can stay on forever!

Tech 21: The Best Phone Protection for Mums


I got a new iPad Mini recently and I’ve been so paranoid about the kids breaking it that it’s stayed in the box. Not anymore! I have a Tech 21 Impact Folio case for it (above) and it offers the same level of safety and peace of mind. It’s sleek and stylish too!

Thx Tech 21! I can now use my Smart devices in peace without the fear of the kids or myself smashing them. Great news for parents everywhere!

Suffice to say that I won’t be visiting the Genius Bar anytime soon. Take that Apple!

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