How to Tame the Curliest of Curls with VS Sassoon Goddess Ultimate


If you have thick, hard to manage curls and you dream of sleek, smooth, hair – I have the solution! Enter the The VS Sassoon Goddess Ultimate Straightener!

Let me start off by saying I love my curls but sometimes I just want sleek, smooth, straight off the catwalk hair.

My curls are very tight and hard to manage so I usually just wash my hair, dry it naturally and let them do their thing.

The mere thought of straightening my hair made me feel completely exhausted! So much effort and the time….

I didn’t actually think I could find a straightener that would be up for the job! Trust me I’ve tried them and I can never get my hair poker straight.

How to Tame the Curliest of Curls with VS Sassoon Goddess Ultimate

How to Tame the Curliest of Curls with VS Sassoon Goddess Ultimate

Enter VS Sassoon straightener. It’s a revelation!

No other styler on the market can achieve the same results for shine, speed and long-lasting results. It’s the best hair straightener for curly hair!


The secret is in the VS Sassoon Goddess’ nourishing steam straightening system.

It doesn’t wet the hair, it works by opening up the hair cuticles and infusing moisture into them before the straightener then seals them. This great for my hair because it’s gets really dry.

The Goddess polishing and protecting the hair right to the ends and the steam, relaxes, hydrates and nourishes the cuticles.

Just check out my smooth polished results!







I can’t believe the length of my hair and it looks so healthy! The VS Sassoon Goddess Ultimate has managed to straighten my curly, coarse and thick hair easily.  I was so impressed with the outcome!

It also makes hair resistant to humidity, meaning a frizz-free, shiny, soft-to-the-touch, long lasting finish. I wish I had it on my recent trip to Fiji, my hair was a mess!

But the best thing is it’s super quick! Perfect for us time-poor mums. It can be used to create straight hair in seconds.

With the New VS Sassoon Goddess Ultimate you can enjoy extraordinary hair, worthy of a thousand Goddess moments.

Tips on how to get the best result:

o   Make sure the hair is 100% dry

o   Make sure the hair is well brushed

o   Fill the water reservoir with tap water

Turn on steam setting and away you go!

Will you be creating your own Goddess moment?

If you’re looking for top hair straighteners online visit to purchase – RRP: $142.95 Model Number: VSP9500A. 3 Year Warranty.

For Stockists call: 1800 650 263

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