Life Hack: What to do When Leather Pants Stretch


FYI leather pants stretch…a lot!

I bought a pair of Muubaa leather pants from The Outnet recently. I was so excited that they were reduced that I didn’t really think it through.

You know when you have an out of body experience and you can see yourself hitting the ‘Buy it Now’ button and there is nothing you can do to stop it!

As a former retail assistant in a leather store I should have known better. I should’ve tried them on and made sure that they were super snug. 

Fast forward a few months and my pants are hanging off me. I literally feel like Justin Bieber.

I know they need altering but that’s going to be really expensive which the defeats the whole purpose of BUYING THEM ON SALE!

I was moaning to a friend recently about my dilemma and she came up with an ingenious idea and she’s not even in fashion.

So what do you do when your leather pants stretch? 



Life Hack: What to do When Leather Pants Stretch

What to do When Leather Pants Stretch..


That’s it, it’s that simple.

I found a pair in a local store and they work a treat. My pants have stretched around the waist, not the leg so my only issue is that they don’t stay up.

This is the perfect solution in the short term anyway. I simply pop them on under a top and no-one is any the wiser. It has to be a loose, oversized top which is generally what I wear with them anyway.

Life Hack: What to do When Leather Pants Stretch

Life Hack: What to do When Leather Pants Stretch

You wouldn’t even know I was wearing them!

I will eventually get them altered but until I can reconcile that fact with my wallet then this is the way to go.

So there you have it! If your leather pants stretch buy a pair of braces as an interim solution!

Thanks Carla! I owe you one.

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Style notes: I’m wearing a Table Eight Amity Velvet Fringe Lace Kimono  and Wanted Boots

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