Summer Ready with Pure Smile Teeth Whitening



What better way to start Summer than with fresh pearly whites and thanks to Pure Smile teeth whitening that’s exactly what I’ve got!

Pure Smile are teeth whitening specialists and their aim is to make your teeth whiter using a 100% safe and long lasting treatment.

I went along to their centre in Chatswood to experience the Platinum Package which lasts 60 minutes and is the most effective.

Summer Ready with Pure Smile Teeth Whitening

Summer Ready with Pure Smile Teeth Whitening

On arrival I was greeted with the sight of a row of alien-like pods and I was informed that I would have to sit in one for an hour. That freaked me out a bit!

I hate going to the dentist and I was worried that the treatment would be painful and harmful to my teeth.

I was assured that the gel was peroxide-free and 100% safe so it wouldn’t damage my teeth in any way so I was able to relax….a bit.

Summer Ready with PureSmile

I was given a brush to administer the gel thoroughly over my teeth and then two mouth-guards were placed over them.

After 15 minutes the mouth-guards were removed and a dental grade LED lamp was used to activate the whole whitening process.

This procedure was repeated 4 times and it was all over pretty quickly.

My teeth were quite white before but I couldn’t believe how much whiter they were after the Pure Smile teeth whitening system and the results last up to a year!

There was no pain post-treatment which I was most worried about and the procedure was surprisingly quick and easy.

I will definitely be popping in for a touch up in 6 months time. I love the results so much I can’t stop smiling!

Summer I’m ready for you!


Pure Smile teeth whitening has locations all over Sydney – visit the website for more info.

{Style notes: I’m wearing a David Lawrence top, Bohemian Traders jeans and Next heels}

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