Tuesday Shoesday: Bobux Shoes


Looking for the perfect shoes for your toddler/preschooler this summer? Bobux Shoes have got you covered!

Not only is the range stylish and fun it’s also functional and great for foot development too.

As soon as kids can walk confidently they want to run and jump. This kind of activity requires a different approach in shoe design and the I-Walk range is specifically designed for this stage.

All Bobux shoes are in line with foot health best practice for the Toddler and Preschooler stage. So you can rest in the knowledge that your little ones feet are in good hands!

Here are our faves!

Tuesday Shoesday: Bobux Shoes

Tuesday Shoesday: Bobux Shoes

The Skip Sandal $85.00



The Skip sandal is a classic summer choice! Made with 100% nappa leather outer and cream leather lining. It features a closed toe for extra protection, a strappy design and easy velcro fastening.

This is a great option for your little girl this Summer. You can dress them up or down with a gorgeous summer dress or a pair of shorts. The versatile gold literally goes with anything.

The Wave Sandal $85.00


The Wave sandal is a fantastic option for boys! Made with leather, suede and canvas outer and tan leather lining, it features a double velcro strap for extra adjustability and a bright trim for a colour pop.

The design is sturdy enough for boys rough and tumble and perfect for any activity. Pair with board shorts or denim for a stylish summer look.


The Breeze Sandal $85.00


This is Princess Stylista’s favourite! I got them a little bigger for her to grow into and she demands to wear them now!

The Breeze sandal is made with 100% nappa leather and features suede outer and cream leather lining.  It also has a double velcro strap for extra adjustability and is great for narrower or wider feet!

The beautiful floral detail adds a feminine and fun touch. Perfect with denim, florals and prints this gorgeous sandal is a great addition to your little girl’s shoedrobe this Summer!


The Blaze Cheetah $85.00



Bub Stylista is obsessed with The Bobux Blaze Cheetah sports shoe! How can any stylish boy go past this funky design?

Not only are these shoes totally cool, they are also designed to help your little one tell their left from right. If the cheetahs are facing each other- the shoes are on the correct feet! How genius is that?

These bad-boys also feature the new Bobux sole which is designed to be super flexible, durable as well as provide enough grip on slippery surfaces. And for the icing on the cake these shoes are also scuff resistant and feature a micro-armour toe cap which limits the bumps and scuffs on the front of the shoe. Perfect for boys play!

Check out the full Bobux shoes summer range here

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