Idual: The LED Lighting System That Fits Every Mood

Imagine a lighting system that changes to suit your mood at the click of a button. Enter iDual – mood lighting at it’s best!

You can transform your home and lift your mood with colourful and relaxing lighting scenarios with a simple remote control. Simply plug in, point and play.

iDual in Action

Idual: The Lighting System That Fits Every Mood

I have an iDual Lilas lamp in my daughter’s room and it is an absolute godsend.

We use the reading light for bedtime stories but we also love the fireplace setting too. It’s so warm and cosy and perfect for calming down an over-zealous toddler.

The nightlight is great to leave on for the little ones to sleep soundly.

Idual: The LED Lighting System That Changes to Suit Your Mood

Relaxing with the meditation setting

The ambience of a room is so important and there are different settings for every scenario.

Simply choose the lighting to suit your mood via the iDual remote control.

Having a party? Switch on party mode! Fancy meditating? There is a setting for that too. Feeling romantic? Idual has got you covered!

There is even a light setting for waking up?! See they have literally thought of everything.

Idual: The LED Lighting System That Changes to Suit Your Mood

Someone is hogging the iDual remote – Princess likes the romantic setting

That’s not all though, you can set the lights to dim and choose between warm to cool white lights depending on your activity. I use the cold white light for blogging at night.

I’m so down with the iDual I’m going to change all the lights in the house!

Idual: The LED Lighting System That Changes to Suit Your Mood

Warm white setting

Trust me iDual will change how you think about lighting forever!

Check out the iDual range at Bunnings – they have a great collection of bulbs, spotlights and portable lamps for you to choose from!

For more info visit the iDual website.


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