Family Fun with Sydney Cycleways


If your looking for fun, family activities Sydney Cycleways has you covered!

One of the reasons I love Australia is it’s a great county to bring up kids. It is such any outdoorsy lifestyle and there is always something fun to do.

Sometimes kids can take this for granted and it’s hard to get them off their iPads or in my son’s case his Nintendo!

It is really important to pause the screen-time and reconnect with nature and that goes for me too!

Family Fun with Sydney Cycleways


Valuable father and son bonding time

We recently did just that! We went along to Sydney Park for a bike lesson of all things!

Sydney Park is home to one of Australia’s best bike tracks for children and luckily for us it’s in our neighbourhood so we’re frequent visitors.

A new study shows that children who have a bike spend an extra 12 minutes a day exercising. And of course the best way to get your kids riding, is to show them how it’s done.

The hub and I went along with Bub Stylista for a fun, family activity.


I’m on a bike!

We were met by our instructor Rob from Sydney Cycleways and Bikewise who gave us some tips on riding with children, riding smarter and the best routes around the city. I was actually surprised by how many cycle routes there are that are safe for the whole family.

The thought of cycling on the road fills me with fear and it was great to know that you can ride safely around the city avoiding all the main roads completely by riding along low traffic streets, cycleways and shared paths.

Family Fun with Sydney Cycleways

Then it was onto the class…

Bub Stylista was on training wheels and I was really excited about him learning to ride, I just didn’t realise he was going to pick it up so fast!

Family Fun with Sydney Cycleways

Proud moment!

Our instructor took him out on a balance bike and then gave him a bike without training wheels, he was so excited and you know what…after a little practise (like about 10 minutes) he was riding a bike!!


Just like that! He picked it up so quickly and we were so proud of him. It was the best moment of the day, seeing my son’s little face beaming with pride.

We were on the course with another blogger Jayde from Little Paper Lane and her family. Her daughter Minty, 4 was riding like a trooper too. Jayde and I were so shocked and happy to see our little ones racing each other like pros.

Family Fun with Sydney Cycleways

And we’re off!

Sydney Cycleways is all about giving families a new way to interact with their kids so after an ice-block and tea break we were on our bikes too and I must say I loved every minute of it.

We all rode around Sydney Park with Rob pointing out wildlife along the way, we even saw eels! My son absolutely loved it and I know he was really happy to see his parents riding too. So much so, that I’m going to invest in a bike, grab a cycle map and check out some of those safe cycle routes.


Cycle buddies

It was such a wonderful experience and it made me realise that I have been taking this beautiful country for granted too. I need to do less Instagram and more nature!

When we got back to the cycle centre, Rob took the training wheels off Bub’s bike, tuned it up and just like that my little baby experienced a rite of passage.

Thanks to City of Sydney and Bikewise for making it happen!

Now what bike should I get…I quite like those vintage ones..

For more information about booking your own course or planning your cycle route visit

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