Designed by Kate: Elegant and Unique Upcycled Fashion

Designed by Kate

I am a big supporter of eco-friendly fashion  so when a mother from my daughter’s daycare told me she made clothing from up-cycled material I was keen to hear more.

Kate loves exploring the possibilities in the unusual, up-cycling something found into something of beauty and her designs show that.

Kate asked me to model items from her collection and of course I jumped on board!

Designed by Kate City Banner Dresses

Made from up-cycled city banners Designed by Kate dresses are unique as the banners are limited and each one has varying inky colours and prints.

An elegant and unique choice for any event when you want to stand out a little more.




Pollock City Banner Dress $149

Pollock City Banner Dress

A fun and elegant bias-cut dress made from a Pollock exhibition Sydney City banner. The banner shows a Pollock artwork, showing beautiful detail of his painting. .

The rounded brocade sleeves tie at the back and there is one zipped seam along the back which cascades into a fishtail.

The dress falls to a point at the front and the hem is a raw edge.

This dress is limited edition as Kate could only acquire 2 or 3 of these prints.




Indian Banner Dress $149

Indian Banner Dress

This bias-cut dress is made from a Gallery NSW Sydney City banner. Uncut, the banner shows a portrait of a Native American Indian from the American Masters Exhibition.

The inky golden and black-green print flatters the figure, silhouetting the body and the rounded sleeves tie at the back.

There is one zipped seam along the back which cascades into a fishtail, and the dress falls to a point at the front. The hem of the dress is a raw edge.




Photographic Banner Dress $149

Photographic Banner Dress

An elegant bias-cut dress made from a photographic exhibition Sydney City Banner. Uncut, the banner shows a photographic portrait of a woman, and the print is an inky black and luminous silver (reminiscent of the old silver gelatin prints).

The rounded brocade sleeves tie at the back. There is one zipped seam along the back which cascades into a fishtail, and the dress falls to a point at the front.

Designed by Kate Wrap Jacket



War Horse Banner Wrap Jacket $119

This beautiful wrap-jacket that can be worn in many ways, it’s even reversible; revealing part of a City banner print of the show War Horse.

The one-size fit wraps around the body and can be fastened at different points – allowing the wide collar to fold over, or to sit high.

The sleeves can be folded back for a flash of colourful print!

Check out the whole range and shop it here.

About: Designed By Kate

DSC_2701 crop

My passion for hunting interesting fabrics began with my work as a costume designer  – designing for the theatre allowed me to break the rules and I learnt to be very resourceful; creating beautiful and whimsical pieces out of found materials, that also worked with many body shapes and types.

These days, life is so fast-paced and complex and I believe many people are reacting to this and wanting to return to the low-key, and hand made, where we are more in touch with where something comes from, allowing us to make more conscious and ethical consumer choices. 

I stumbled across the City Banners – the ones that hang off Sydney lamp posts – a couple of years ago and initially used them for lining inside jackets then discovered that some with amazing inky print graphics make unique and elegant dresses!  I also have a love of the Deco era; so I cut the fabric on the bias, with just one seam at the back.

The slinky fabric just drapes off the body, transforming something found into something of beauty.

It’s fantastic to up-cycle and re-use, it gives things another life and tells an interesting story.  And to support locally made clothes and local artists makes a refreshing change from the mainstream.

Would you wear up-cycled clothing?

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